There are trees that have a spectacular flowering like the Prunus serrulata commonly known also as Japanese cherry or sakura .. The Prunus is widespread in the East and admires the beauty of this tree during its flowering (hanami) is an ancient custom very particular and suggestive. The Prunus serrulata is undoubtedly a plant of great beauty and rich in symbolic meanings.

In the Botanical Garden of Rome, in an area dedicated to the Japanese garden, the pink cloud of the Prunus serrulata contrasts with the intense green of the other garden trees and the dark red of the maple plants.

In the heart of the *Trastevere* district is the Botanical Garden of Rome. Planted in 1883, the Botanical Garden covers a vast area of twelve hectares with a degrading pattern from the *Colle del Gianicolo* and is divided into areas and gardens dedicated to the various tree collections and is enriched by elegant 19th-century greenhouses and some historical fountains.

The Japanese Garden with its roses and generous blooms is undoubtedly the most photographed and the most colorful.

Also in Rome in the EUR district in the pedestrian street called the Walk of Japan were planted many of the 2,500 cherry trees donated to the city of Rome by the Japanese government in the late fifties.

This beautiful ornamental plant, which also reaches 12 meters in height, is used in parks and gardens in groups or isolated and, in any case, the scenic effect is ensured also because of the obvious color contrast that produces its intense and flashy flowering.

Its abundant flowering during the month of April makes the Prunus an admired plant.

Its flowers arranged in small groups are generally delicate pink but there are also white and red varieties.

These some photos I could do recently ..

I use a Nikon D 3200

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