I did not want anything else to be implemented by wordpress-232441-710587.cloudwaysapps.com a category of aricoli like this: Climate change.Now you hear talk everywhere, newspapers, TV and radio .. and there you start to think that something is really changing!

Lately the climate effect has more or less obvious problems. On the one hand, we are witnessing visible effects, such as rising temperatures or rising sea levels, the extinction of plant and animal species, the spread of diseases typical of tropical areas, the emergence of hurricanes and storms in some parts of the world while others are affected by drought.

On the other, different issues on which I would like to dwell in this article,these are more difficult to associate with climate change, such as the increase of some mental disorders.

I have read that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been working for ten years to relate the climatic changes in some parts of the United States to the psychological and psychiatric trend of over 2 million people. The results of the study, have been published in magazines that I read constantly because they update you continuously on what is happening.According to MIT, with the increase in temperatures of one degree Celsius, some psychological pathologies of medium size have increased by 2%.

The psychological pathologies involved

The diseases that according to MIT have seen an exponential increase in relation to climate change are those of medium size: depression, anxiety, insomnia, fears and generalized mental illness. Serious illnesses, such as suicides or hospitalizations for major depressions, on the other hand, seem not to have been influenced in any way by climate change.

A part of the MIT study focused on the relationship between psychiatric disorders and intense and prolonged rains for 30 days, associated in turn with higher than normal temperatures. According to this survey, the depressive states of people affected by this type of climate have worsened in  addition, MIT wanted to focus its study on the effect of Hurricane Katrina on people living in the affected areas. In this case, mental disorders increased by as much as 4%.

In summary, we can draw a conclusion about the indirect consequences of climate change on our psyche..Beyond the direct effects that warmer temperatures than normal or abundant and continuous rains can have on our psyche, it is good to also take into account all the consequences of climate change that indirectly affect our mental health.Factually, our psyche it could be influenced by injuries due to injuries, loss of people dear to us or damage to our homes, bringing us first into a state of fear and anger, and then result in a post-traumatic stress disorder. At the same time, climate change affects the economy, the infrastructures and the liveability of societies considerably and increasingly, affecting our mental health, for example through the loss of a job or a longer time to move within or outside the company. exterior of the cities.

I hope there is in the true sense of the word a remedy to be taken by all the united nations.

Thanks for reading Marco

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  1. Workin2005

    Well thought out post. Personally, I believe climate chance is inevitable..and always has been. We saw MASSIVE warming which brought in the dinosaurs, then MASSIVE cooling (Ice Age) which killed them. We then saw MASSIVE warming again that melted the ice and lead to humans. All we can do is try to adapt. Mother Nature will always take it’s course. Anyway…nice work @saifer87!

  2. miti

    Interessante Marco! Io lo penso da sempre, che clima e psiche siano altamente collegate.. basti pensare alle zone dove ci sono 6 mesi di luce e sei mesi di buio continuativi (alaska per esempio). Lì c’è un alta concentrazione di alcune patologie psichiche e non può essere solo un caso..