Pumpdumpwars eos gaming platform scatter login if you are not familiar with this new game there is a range of playing cards or characters. with 3 attacks pump, hold, dump head, body, feet you can buy items from the shop that have some extra power Must say I really like Jonny 1m {John McAfee}   and SATO NAKAMOTO .  Today they have added betting so you can bet your player is going to kick the other ass if your player has got the power. fun  game I have not bet on a game yet you can still play for free so not all bad build you players power by fighting click here 


I have been playing this game for a few days now and today there is a new betting feature in the game. there is a lot of cards or characters hamster rear epic legendary some of the epic cards are cool with BULLISH WHALE, BLOODY SHARKVITALEE K , ROGER BIGBLOCK , JOHNNY 1M , JMOON, THE GREAT LIGHT, BIG CHA .HAMSTER



Must say I really like Jonny 1m {John McAfee} and SATO NAKAMOTO . Today they have added betting so you can bet your player is going to kick the other ass if your player has got the power. fun game I have not bet on a game yet you can still play for free so not all bad build you players power by fighting and levelling up if they keep adding new stuff to the game it should be good

.you can join today by using my link https://game.pumpdumpwars.com/?ref=geytimjsgege












Greetings, people of Earth!

I want to present a new game on the EOS platform – PumpDumpWars. In the coming days, we plan to launch in the EOS mainnet. But in the next hours we’ll run it on the Jungle testnet.

Some info about the game:

On the current stage, the game will work in Google Chrome only. For the game authentication, install Scatter. Pump Dump defrays the expenses on RAM, so a player has to take care of NET and CPU Bandwich only.


Token – PDW

Total Supply – 10 000 000

Initial Price – 1 EOS – 10 PDW

The price is formed according to the Bancor algorithm. Each subsequent coin purchased increases the current price. Accordingly, every coin, spent in the game, reduces the price.

Hero (Card)

Life – a number of life points

Attack – the damage a hero inflicts on the enemy

Protection – the capability of a hero to beat off an attack

Luck – the possibility to break in the unit with double damage. More luck – better chances.

Regeneration – a number of points that are recovering for one minute

Hero Upgrade

After every battle, you receive a skill needed for moving to the next level. After reaching the next level, your hero wins the upgrade points which allow you to upgrade the features.


Assets can influence all hero’s features. To activate an asset, put in on your hero.

Types of assets:

Head assets

Assets for hands

Body assets

Feet assets


Potions influence the hero’s features and reinforce him for one battle. After using a potion, you cannot dress or undress your hero. The possibility will recover after starting and finishing the fight.


The game will choose the opponent according to your hero’s level. To participate in a battle, a hero must have a fully recovered life. A battle has rounds. One round lasts for one minute. During the round, all players must attack their opponents. In case somebody is not attacking, he receives damage without using his protection, without causing any damage to the opponent. The battle ends when at least one hero runs out of life. If none of the players managed to attack during one round, the fight ends in a draw.

Pump – head attack

Hodl – body attack

Dump – feet attack

Occasional Protection

The system randomly chooses what part of the body to protect. If the opponent hits the protected part of the body, no damage is inflicted.


There are only new heroes and assets in the store. Their number is limited, and the price is constant.


Here you can buy or sell any assets. The prices are set by the players themselves.

How To Buy Tokens

You can buy PDW tokens on our website here, or anywhere else.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

We do not guarantee that EOS, Scatter, and our smart contracts do not have any bugs; we will not be liable for any of them. For more reliability, do not use your main EOS account.

Visit our site: https://pumpdumpwars.com

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  1. eddiekitsner-DJ Post author

    Thanks guys there are lots of new games going on eos i will try to keep on top of them. I have seen some more inert active games are being worked on i will post once they are up and running i cant wait my self. gta would be a great game to have on here with the cash in the game using crypto in game real life crypto to steal buy and paid to play .