This subject of purpose is always a very interesting and important one. It is one always on the minds of many. There are questions to which many seek answers. Many wonder what their life is all about. This is a subject that can never talked about and understood fully with a singular article, but I’d just love to share some thoughts on this.

1. Purpose starts with God. Purpose precedes life itself. Before you were born to this planet, you have been preordained for a a particular intent in the heart of God.

Are you wondering what your life is about? Go back to the author. The one who created the life in the first place.

Let me illustrate with this example. When you just buy a new car, and you want to fully understand the functionality and capacity of the car, all you need do is to go to the manufacturer’s manual. Every information you need is in there. The manufacturer is the author, he knows the capacity and abilities of the car before you got it.

God back to God for directions and clarity. He will show you the road map. He will be a voice speaking to hears saying to you which way you should go.

2. You are His to reveal. It’s about Him executing His purpose in you. Yes, you certainly have to be actively involved in you living a purposeful life (That is a subject for another day) but essentially, the journey would be made easier if you let God actively work through you. Surrendering to His grace and not being fond of your own prowess.

3. The driving force

Let your purpose drive you through life. Really, everybody is driven by something, including nothing. Make sure that what drives you is purpose. Purpose creates your boundaries. Purpose creates your circle.

Purpose orders your step.

You are not an accident. There may be illegitimate parents, but there isn’t illegitimate children.

Purpose is submerged in love. Love makes our world a better place. Love cares about his fellow human. Put a smile on someone’s face today. By putting smiles on people’s faces, you put a smile on God’s face, because you are fulfilling His intent, and He will in turn smile on you.

Let me stop here for today.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Thank you.

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