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Android app

You can install Android version from contact me through comments or email.

Android app is based on Google’s Authenticator open source app. Here are some changes made:

  1. 2FA verfication using push messaging
  2. support Share Action from web browsers.
  3. Search filter
  4. better UI
  5. integrated QR reader
  6. additional layer of security (encrypts secrets in databases. Important if you are rooted. But seriously do not root your device.)
  7. reorder your 2FA codes

So Android version and iOS version shares all the features. UI is slightly different. I’ve switched to Android to get a feel for what the UI should be, and I’m impressed with how far Android has improved.

Installing Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension is available from Chrome web store:

Basic Usage – Pairing app with Chrome Extension and using Push Request

  1. Install Android app and Chrome Extension
  2. Open Chrome Extension menu and click “Pair App”
  3. Open Android app and select top right menu and “settings-Pair Chrome Extension”.
  4. Scan the QR code to pair with Chrome extension.
  5. Scan 2FA QR code for your logins.
  6. Supported sites (Eg. will have a icon inside the 2FA code input box. Click the icon to send push request.
  7. For unsupported sites, you can use the extension menu and select “Send 2FA Push Request”.
  8. Select “Send” from the app to send 2FA code to chrome extension.
  9. Chrome extension will receive the code and paste and submit 2FA code for supported sites. For unsupported sites, the code will be copied to the clipboard.

I’m actively adding supported sites. Please contact me if your favorite site is currently not supported.

Here is a video of the Android app (includes Chrome extension install, pairing, and logging into Coinbase and Binance):


Android Share Action – use share feature from your favorite web browser to copy 2fa codes faster.

Select “Share…” from your favorite mobile browser, the select “Push Authenticator Pro”. Push Authenticator Pro will present matching 2FA code for the site. Select “Copy” and the 2FA code is copied to the clipboard.

Paste the 2FA code to the input box. (Tap the input box to focus. The tap-hold and release to show menu. Select “Paste”)

Please leave comments or contact me at [email protected] for any feedback.

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