The news when a celebrity world mixes with blockchain or crypto is usually the best and hottest.

If you are not aware T.I. is a known mainstream rapper with huge net-worth of 50 million USD. He released 9 full-length hip hop studio albums and a few of them (actually five) reached top5 of the famous US Billboard 200 charts.

So it seems in 2017 he created and promoted FLiK Token but the catch is, from what i read they promised to investors price will move from 6 cents to $14,99. It moved to ATH of 21 cents and went into oblivion. Now mad investors who feel scammed started sues and of course the most famous guy from the crew is getting backfire from that. His other partner was guy called Ryan Felton.

He writes of himself as a Facebook Innovation Award winner, an entrepreneur with 3 successful business exits, a veteran, MBA graduate, and a passionate technologist recognized as one of the top 3% of freelance developers worldwide.

According to The Blast there is more to that:

As part of their efforts to drive up the price, the investors claim T.I. and Felton made it seem like Kevin Hart was going to be the face of FLiK and even announced that FLiK was bringing Hart on “as owner of the business.”

In addition, the investors claim Felton had gotten Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to invest and even “created fake online posts on behalf of Mark Cuban in order to manipulate the value of FLiK Tokens

Let us check how FLiK token is doing on markets.

Pretty dead price and volume wise.  Trades on CoinExchange only which i actually like but this is not the main place to get trades on if you are serious about your project. Its a good addon place.

Hard to judge what’s up here but possibly rapper wasn’t aware of everything but due to fame, he will be flamed for this.

Worth checking. Also, i want to remind – many celebrities endorsed coins doing ICO craze but usually they were not creators/parts of teams, just hired for promotion.

Website of FlikToken is down and redirecting elsewhere. That is always a bad sign.

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  1. globalgreg

    Another case to be used to educate about being wary of ICO scams etc. Also a timely reminder to be careful what we, as researchers and authors, also write about and promote. I’m cautious to always write and addendum about ‘doing due diligence in own research’…something like that, if I write positively about something I find to be good in Crypto. Thanks for the share.