Lately I have found myself watching videos of young people looking back into the history of hiphop specially the oh so glorified 90s and why hiphop was such a golden age before most of these kids were born. Being an old head myself, is interesting seen their young minds being blown at the lyrical onslaught from rappers like Big Pun, Big L and Wu-Tang Clan.

The guttery reactions of some of these kids are amazing. Even having the fantastic oh shit moment that so many of us used to have back then.

So one of the first people I start to tune in was Kving Guap, an 18 year old kid from North Carolina, he got a big audience real quick. He start discovering and going into the rabbit hole that is 2pac only to then turn to the east coast and got woken up to NAS, Big L and Big Pun. Big Pun making the biggest impression and 180 on him. That was one of my favorite videos from him.

Some female reaction videos that I also start to follow early but then drop mainly because she stop is Yana from It’s Just Yana. She gave very insightful reaction but seems she got burned out pretty quickly. One of my favorite reactions was for one of my favorite songs from NAS and AZ, Life’s a Bitch, I am glad she went and dissect each line.

Some new reaction guys have poped up, I wont list all of them but you can look for:

  • Lost in Vegas
  • Aleea’s precious life
  • TwoDudesfromMaine
  • KingFroggy
  • King KTF
  • LetsJamInfinite
  • QuisSoLive
  • Dynamic Reacts
  • LifeWitJayGrif
  • CJ’s Life

Of course I like some more than the others, some react to most of my 90s underground than the commercial stuff. Some others do more of a just watch and keep it moving which I dont really like, and some use not much tech which also makes it unwatchable. But in general, I find myself watching a lot of these videos, mostly because of the feeling of being validated for all my heros on the mic.

At the same time I also wish people can see what I have been experimenting from all this time. I mean I grew up in a non-hiphop society so the feeling of making people understand the value of the verses, the skill and all that, was important since most people didn’t seem to pay attention nor understand why I liked it so much. Or rather how different was hiphop from any other genre of music, the things they talk about and how deep some of these rabitholes went with complex references to books, religion, or even pop culture.

In the end I got to say these videos are also a hope for most old heads to educate the next generation on what real hiphop is all about compared to the mumble rap virus that seem to be infecting the mainstream. From weak rappers like Drake to mutated rappers like Migos and just disgraceful people like LilXan, and all these drug culture rappers. And sure I can hear the old in me on these declarations but the real fact is that they lack a lot of the true jewelz of hiphop that most of these rappers strive to perfect and that was an actual message on their bars.

Put your opinion on the comments and let me know if this just me being old, if I have a point, if the whole culture just turned for the worst.

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  1. Zeus69

    I’m an oldie myself, 80’s music for me only, LOL
    I prefer poetry these days, they started giving me the nickname “crypto poet”, lol not sure if I deserve it.
    Regards and all the best from an older person, 🙂
    Mark (Zeus69), AKA “Crypto Poet”