In life what you don’t pursue, you don’t achieve.

In life, what you don’t desire, you don’t aquire

In life, whatever conceptualize and visualize, you can actualize

In life, what ever you don’t imagine, it does not manifest.

Your youth is your peak, if you miss your peak you will end up in the pit of life,and you become an object of pity.

In life, if you keep on waiting for the right job, right opportunity, you will keep on wasting your time.

In life, what you don’t desire, you don’t deserve it

In life, what you don’t expect, you don’t experience it

In life, behind anything automatic, there is a hummility effort attached to it.

In life, nothing happens till you make it happen for you.

In life, only the brave become great, succesful and wealthy.

In life, only those with the liver get the silver.

In life, only the bold get gold.

In life those with the lion’s heart get the lion’s share.


Don’t hate the rain simply because you were drenched by it.

Don’t relent simply because you did not succeed at the first attempt.

Don’t loose faith in prayers, because one of the prayers have not been answered.

Don’t give up on love, because one has been unfaithful to you.

Don’t condemn your friends because one of them betrayed you.

Don’t  give up on your effort because one of them failed.

Don’t  give up on your dreams because one did not come true

Don’t hate roses because you got scrached by one of them; that not enough reason to give up; even if you fail three times you can always stand up to continue life journey

In life we fall to rise again, that is why you need to endure and  NEVER GIVE UP

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  1. Infosion

    Beatiful article! That’s really all very true. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes it hurts if you’re down, but you will get even stronger by solving issues and getting through those times. And especially true what you tell about imagination and manifestation of your dreams … I think we all should be simply visualizing more what we really want. We don’t understand really how our mind and the world works, but this helps the most to achieve what you really want – and makes you think in the first place about what you really need/want.
    Thanks for this nice collection of what life really is about!