MelThe latest Bitcoin developments

Bitcoin (BTC) has been almost ten months since it reached its all-time high price of $ 20,000 and after months of continuous decline, many traders say the bear market could end. The reason for this is the recent development of Bitcoin Bun

High heights

The rise in prices and the rise in the number of major developments related to Bitcoin are growing day by day.

As shown by the trend line above, the price of Bitcoin is currently high. Although the price is relatively stable at $ 6,500, the chart shows that the overall trend is moving upwards in the short term.

Does the bear market end?

In a greater period of time, Bitcoin also creates high heights. In July, Bitcoin fell to $ 5,778 and in August it fell to $ 5,860. Leading crypto money was over $ 6,000 in the last fall.

This evidence alone does not mean that the bear market is over. However, when combined with historical data and recent important developments that Bitcoin has experienced in the last quarter of many years, it is possible to say that a bull race has started to form.

Here are the latest Bitcoin developments

Although the price is falling, this does not mean that developments have stopped. No matter what bitcoin develops. As long as there is faith in technology, there will always be improvements in the protocol. These recent developments include bullish news:

Nasdaq is said to have created its own Bitcoin trading table.

The adoption and use of SegWit, which was launched a year ago, exceeded 50 percent.

Lightning Network is growing day by day. As payment processors such as Coingate and Globee accept Lightning payments, seller acceptance is coming.

Bakkt will provide a Bitcoin-based physical futures contract with Intercontinental Contracts Exchange.

Despite its rejection, the latest Bitcoin ETFs have proven how Bitcoin matures and at the same time created a stage for future ETF applications.

Due to the unpredictability of the crypto money sector, the bear market is likely to end amid all these positive signs and the slow recovery of the leading crypto money.

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