The study of mushrooms presupposes and develops a great capacity for observation. Every single detail, of the hat, of the color, of the stem or of the lamellae is fundamental for a correct macroscopic identification of the fungus.

There are some mushrooms that, in the name, recall and recall main and peculiar aspects of their morphology and therefore this aspect can help us a lot for their correct identification.

Let’s see it as an example. The Cortinarius.

This kind of fungus with lamellae has different species and has an unmistakable morphological characteristic that helps us to identify it, that is the presence of a curtain, which can be observed in the lower part of the fungus. This curtain is a residue of the general veil that protects the fungus in the early stages of development. These are filaments that start from the stem up to the imargine of the hat. Clear residues of this veil are also observed on the stem of the fungus.

Recognizing the courtiers is very important because they are mostly toxic or deadly mushrooms or, in any case, strongly suspicious species.

These mushrooms include, for example, the deadly Cortinarius orellanus, a fungus common in the Mediterranean area that is also uncommon), which is considered deadly toxic and the symptoms of its poisoning can occur even after 20 days (Orellanic syndrome). The story tells us the story of Lucrezia Borgia (a noblewoman of the Renaissance lived in Rome) who, it seems, used just this mushroom to eliminate their enemies. This is why it is also called the Lucrezia mushroom. The fungus for the perfect crime.

Important. I would like to point out that the classification of mushrooms for their edibility must always be entrusted to mycological experts or to specialized personnel. We must never rely on a superficial classification of mushrooms that, in general, can take on different colors and nuances.

In Italy, on average 20 people die each year from fungal poisoning and are almost all caused by the consumption of the Amanita Phalloides especially when they are in the closed form that, as mentioned, can be confused with the closed form of the Amanita Caesarea.

Prudence, in consuming mushrooms, must always be very high.

I Use Nikon D3200 F 105 mm

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