In human life will be faced with two points. Yes, where there will be climax and the lowest point. The lowest point in each human life is different, sometimes difficult to understand and this can be a threat to life in the future.

It’s difficult to distinguish between being overcome or just reducing situations and sometimes trauma when you face similar incidents repeatedly.

Take the example when someone feels the lowest point in his life is when he failed a test that had a big influence on his career. There he will feel worse and as if whatever he has tried so far is only a failure.

When going back to face the same situation, there will be many possibilities that can arise. It could be excessive fear that causes physical fatigue.

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Then, they will choose to avoid and try to stay away in various ways so as not to approach such a situation. One of them tried to look fine, even though physically and mentally he experienced great fear and severe shock.

All depends on the angle of how he sees the lowest point in his life, is it something scary. The improvement is of course everyone has a different way. However, behind the lowest point, humans can create great strength.

In a small example that often occurs when a person loses a fear that is already very excessive, after that there will be a new force that may not be thought of by himself.

Therefore, know the lowest point in our lives. This is very important, because only then can a person pass the lowest point in his life, also determine the climax that he might achieve later.

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Humans are not planes that after falling cannot rise again, humans are leaders on earth. Yes, we are all leaders. The point is we can control ourselves, so at least we don’t fall back to the same hole for so many times.

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