Cyril Abiteboul, director of Renault Sports F1, has assured that the only responsible for Carlos Sainz has not renewed with Renault for 2019 is Red Bull. According to the Frenchman declared to Helmut Marko and Christian Horner would have refused to accept the signing, after the French Grand Prix, making use of his option to take the pilot back on 30 September. That triggered Daniel Ricciardo to have the Renault free seat when he wanted to leave Red Bull.

“It was easier to reach an agreement with Daniel than with Carlos because clearly, Red Bull was blocking our attempt to sign an extension of the agreement with Sainz. Honestly, if Red Bull had had a less hard position with Carlos, the final result would have been different: after the French Grand Prix we pressed to try to confirm Carlos, but Red Bull did not want to take this step. They had the right to do so, but that led them strangely to lose a pilot (Ricciardo), “says Abiteboul.

“In a way, we felt like there was something wrong with Carlos, between Renault and him. And one of the things that were most important to us, although it was not completely under our control, with which we had a bit of discussion, was the fact that he could have secured a good position with the team. It’s a bit strange because we’ve finally been able to sign Daniel more easily, “reveals Abiteboul.

He recognizes that Carlos’ season has been the expected one: “He has had ups and downs, but you can see at the beginning of the year that it was a complicated start for him. When he arrived last year, he quickly performed very strongly, especially in Austin, which he did in the film. And then it was more difficult. We had our own reliability problems towards the end of the season. But he did a good job, also in Abu Dhabi, to help the team achieve the sixth place in the World Cup. “

“This year Nico has been very strong, and, progressively, Carlos has kept his head down, very focused, hard-working, very committed, very loyal, spending a lot of time with his engineers. Right now I think both drivers are very close to each other. It could be higher in the general, it could have more points without some reliability problems. We know. Carlos has surrendered. ” account.

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