We already know we got twitter, steemit on EOS (murmur, wordpress-232441-710587.cloudwaysapps.com), now reddit kind of project is coming on EOSIO with more potential than just a reddit.

When ever I see blood bath in crypto market, I always go back and check what technology I invested and I always judge whether my investment is correct or not.

I believe my investment on EOS is always correct. And it make sense when I look how EOS is expanding.

Right now, 3 blockchains are running on EOSIO software (eos mainnet, wax and worbli) and another 6 chains are under development.

u.community is reddit like blockchain built on eosio software, you can create your own community and create/post content you like and invite friends, they can read and appreciate content we have created.

u.community is in alpha stage and network will be launched in spring 2019. And it is built on the concept of UBI(like Dan’s URI).

Maybe some people didn’t know much about it, but it is a great project I am looking for it. I don’t want to elaborate how good it is, instead I would like to discuss what is the scope of u.community, so that you can decide what is the value of it.

u.community is built on DPOI consensus, means your Importance on network speaks more than how much UOS tokens you are holding in it. there will be daily emission of UOS tokens for all the account holders based on your importance, your importance on the network is the actual currency on u.community. the contributions made by you to the network and how you influence the people by helping them makes a lot of difference, if you can create or share an influential content with your community and you made lot of followers and engaged with lot of communities and helping them to grow, Then this increases your importance on network.

Not just your content contribution, your daily financial spending of UOS tokens will also come under count, means even if you spend UOS, it will give a positive effect on your Importance.

Spamming of accounts won’t work on u.community because the more and more fake activity generates the importance of other accounts will have a negative effect, that means account spamming will not bring more tokens.

Importance is a variable, it can go down or up based on your help to the communities… the more you involved, you can make more out of helping others by providing content/information to them.

What is so great about u.community, it is just another social network project ? it is not just a social netowrk project, it is a blockchain built on eosio software, many dapps can built on u.community. If you can build everipedia or betdice or hirevibes on eos mainnet, you can build same project on u.community.

The best part of u.community is, It will be more decentralized community in accordance to the token holders, suppose if you want to hold 1% of UOS tokens you need to hold highest importance on the network for a so long time. even if you bought UOS from market, the token emission influence your power on the network. That means governance on chain is truly decentralized.

Just imagine, you have created a community for your city and you invited citizens of your city and you actively helping the community member by sharing news, ideas, information, events with them, you will be rewarded for your contributions towards helping your own community.

I feel it is more than a reddit, new developers can use your importance and invent new dapps or tools to provide services to the people of u.community.

The world of investors are looking for easy adoptable chain, where anyone can join the network and add value to it and gain value from it. many blockchains will come and go until we show a way to easy adaptability and create a great scope of value to the token.

why china puts eos on their crypto ranking as top one because only eos has the ability to expand it’s boundaries, not because of limiting the user with scarcity.

UOS can fill the gap, while the other chains can’t fill in the problem by doing airdrops or ico’s.

right now I don’t want an free money, I want to add the value to network and same time I wanna gain the value from it.

Note: This is not an investment advice, please do required analysis/investigation before investing in any project.

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