Redfishcoin(REDFISH) 2nd Airdrops

Redfishcoin, A Backbone of Redfish Community of Redfish Rank in Steemit. It Dignify and unify all New Steemit Users. A little Community connect to bigger groups and Linking every users. Helping Fellow Steemians Redfish Rank and Empowering through Our Very Own Token with 1M Max Supply.


To join the 2nd Airdrops you must have the following balance in your waves wallet, 10 Redfishcoin and 1 waves balance in your wallet. Non holders of the said minimum balance in their wallet will receive zero coins during distribution. You can be a Redfishcoin stockholders also to earn 3%-10% monthly Steemit Shares. Just hold 100 minimum Redfish in your wallet and you will receive monthly shares every 25th of the month. We operate since September 2017 and continue to give. We believe in helping the community to grow together.


Asset ID : 5sU8dF7DyN7dKN4NiFTtVC5shqthSgTEuvKUu2iusyS2

Name : Redfishcoin

Ticker : REDFISH

Platform: Wavesplatform

Reissuable : No

Decimals : 8

Total supply : 999999.00000000

Verified Asset: Yes

Circulating : 999776.00000000


Step-by-Step Guide

Send Waves address to E-mail

2. Follow, Retweet and like Us on Twitter

3. Follow, Share and like Us on Facebook

4, Post about Redfishcoin in Bitcointalk and comment your links and Address Here!

5. Subscribe and Share Us in Youtube and comment waves Address

6. Follow Us on Steemit and Comment your Address

7. Subscribe Us in Reddit and Comment Waves Address

8. All coins will be distributed on February 25, 2019!

Announcement: Redfishcoin may reach $2 each or more. Get 10 Redfish at WavesDEX. Create wallet HERE.

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