“Of course! It takes a lot of strength to mend a broken heart. Channelising energies into your work helps, but also to be able to accept situations for what they are instead of questioning them helps immensely.”

 – Deepika Padukone


in one way or the other, we’ve all expirienced heart break in the course of our lives.  Heart break comes in various forms and having a heart break is absolutely natural and anyone who finds hes/ her self associating with others is subjected to having a heart break.

Heart break is not necesarily a fucntion of relationship. there are also finacial heart breaks and amongst others . Today, i will be talking about various ways  in which you can use to combact heart breaks and live your life to the fullest. Heart break not properly contained may throw you completely out of the radar and proportionally trigger anxiety which leads to depression.

But you must learn never to regret anything that once put a smile on your face. People are subjected to applicable changes as time passes. once this changes starts to surface, its best to come to grip with yourself and skate in the direction of the waves  instead of trying to fight against it.

Here are some tips to help you move on.


1. Focus on yourself: The easiest way to forget old memories is to replace them with new ones. many people often make the mistake of jumping into another relationship imidiately after a breakup. trust me, this will do more harm than good. Because you will want the new partner to be exactly like the previous one. you will want him/her to dress, walk and even talk like your Ex . Not being able to achieve this will lead to additional fruatration.

So Instead of going on a wild goose chase of jumping into a new relationship, take your time to work on yourself. Try new career, go to the GYM, get some fresh clothing and all that. Show them that  who ever counted you out doesn’t know how to count.

2. Engage in physical Exercise: Many people doesn’t fully understand the importance of physical exercise. Research has shown that exercising has the propensity of boosting you mood, thereby reducing the chances of feeling depressed. Physical exercise makes you feel good about yourself at thesame time helps boost your imune system.

3. Completly cut the person that broke your heart out of your life: you can’t recover properly from a broken heart if you still maintain communication with those that broke your heart. It is pointless trying to wake the dead. you have to know when the relationship is no longer working and let go. when you are at the point of recovering, it becomes important for you to distant yourself from them untill you have fully recovered and ready to meet the world again.

4. Give it time: time heals all wounds! this is a known fact. Whatever you are going through right now is only temporal. there absolutely no need of looking for parmanet solution to a temporal problem. Just know that with time you will be fine. Everything will fall in place when the time is right.

          thanks again for reading! your comments are highly welcome. love for all, hatred for none. best regards.                  @maryjay

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  1. Dwiitavita

    I noticed one when I get the broken heart… No one will respect us. But I always believed that everything happens in our life is best for us that God given. Just simple be patient and always praying for God.