This is my block chain inspired creation …

Here I used a rendering method that utilizes only lines in the reconstruction of my object which is in this case the EOS logo

All I had to do is to download the logo and start rendering away

… the dots can be thought of as the various wallets in a block! A perspective effect was made out of all these lines intersections that makes me feel like if it is moving at a high speed… just like EOS! Also the slight blur on the corners  give that sense of motion like when you take a shot from your camera lens of a flashing Formula 1 race car at a close range

I love the simplistic output of this render which style I first came out with last year as I was trying to find out a new artistic way to express my love for the block chain and this entire new technology that seems to have been dropped on us from the skies…

I wanted to keep it simple and yet rich with expressions and motions and so I, in an inspired moment, thought that using only rectilinear elements and dispose them on different angles and density depending on the tonality

The more dense is the tonality, the more lines will have to be drawn

It is actually a very simple method where only the ratio of lines/tonality is being taken in consideration

The total number of lines can be preset before the actual rendering starts along with the width of the lines and the quality by which it is executed that can vary from very  low to very high definition

In here I chose a high resolution and a preset of 2500 like I mentioned before, the width of the line is set at 1.6 mm approx.

Also I chose a rendering error factor of 1.5% just enough to eliminate that robotic/boring look typical of computer renderings and thus it looks more natural like if someone made a few bad strokes with the pencil…

1.5% of 2500= 37.5 lines, which are slightly thrown around randomly off track

Here are some few snapshots showing you a little bit of the process…

A little bit of poetry to seal the deal 😀


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