Guys, it’s been a while. I have been itching to write for so many days now as I know many of you have has well. I want to keep it short, and dive into what I believe is the most important thing right now – which is the crypto gambling platform mining and staking-sphere that has really started to take form right here on EOS. I know there are many posts about these sites, but I haven’t really seen one that sums them all up. I’m trying to do that here. Let me know in the comments if I have missed some significant ones!

Before we dive into the individual platforms, I just want to make a short explanation of what is going on. Basically it turns out that gambling is so far the best utility we have seen for blockchain so far. And the scene has truly exploded these past weeks. Feeless transactions, less or no house edge and even potentially the possibility of setting up a system of burning lost tokens as part of a bigger scheme of deflating the whole EOS economy benefiting everyone (UBI?)

A year ago, no one really thought much about what the utility would be. People dreamt about getting rich on utility tokens for supply chain running on Ethereum or IOTA. It sounds pretty sexy, but unfortunately it was crypto-lightyears away. What we saw instead was the entire ETH network kneeling because of Crypto kitties. Then came EOS along and we could really start the journey. In the eyes of those of us there are mostly “in it for the tech” these past months has been truly astonishing. Adoption and utility is really moving in the right direction.

Personally I thought it would be gaming. Which is not far off. Games like EOSknights and Wizards are doing alright, but they aren’t really fun. Gaming however IS extremely addictive and with the staking ability that more of these platforms are implementing now, it gives good opportunities to those of us that are not interested in gambling. My strategy so far has been to find the gambling platforms as early as possible to mine native tokens (like Dice or Lucky) when the return is good (10x or 100x) before it diminish. At that point the tokens have usually been available to purchase for way less than you get in “cashback” playing dice. Then I have put it all in staking which has been giving me pretty good returns so far.

I have been trying out most of the platforms, and here is a quick recap of my thoughts on the ones I believe are worth mentioning.



The first platform for gambling on EOS. I never played this much. You can stake BET tokens and claim weekly divs. Not able to purchase on Newdex though. They have good returns on bets x1,04 on roll under 96. I actually started playing again now because someone mentioned for me that I should mention them. I agree, and apologise for forgetting them.



The most popular gambling platform on EOS. I was fortunate to mine these tokens early and has not really spent any EOS on them. Right now you can buy 6 DICE for 0,0088 EOS on Newdex. Or you can risk 1 EOS to earn 6,25 DICE by playing Dice. How many turns can you play before you lose 1 EOS? Often it’s 20-25 turns in my experience, unless you are very unlucky. This can give you 120-140 DICE per 1 EOS. 140 DICE cost 0,2 EOS on exchange, so you’re better off buying it on Newdex. The dividends are not very high now, and you need a nice lump of DICE to get some.

Fortunately the team seems very serious, and they are planning on not only rebranding (I overheard BetPalace on Telegram) but adding a lot of different games in the future including Baccarat and even p2p poker at a later stage.

Currently Mcap around 3M EOS or 18M USD. This sounds high, but keep in mind that Funfair that is running on ETH..wait, did I say run? It’s not running at all. Its a dead token with a lot of promises with a 70m mcap. While these projects are “building” on a handicapped network like ETH, thousands of people are all ready playing on Betdice. So 18m for something that is currently working or 70m for something that has been nothing but talk for years.





A simple Betdice clone. Their SVN token is not yet on exchanges and you currently get 200x svn per 1 EOS bet which is high. You also get 2000 SVN just for signing in with Scatter, so make sure you do that with all your accounts. They just released a whitepaper. They will implement 24h staking functionality soon. If you felt like you missed out on the huge DICE payouts in the early days, this might be another shot. 



Native token is BG which is traceable on Newdex and you should really buy it there instead of mining it. What I like about this site is that they have a white paper and some graphics. Site looks fun and works well. Keep in mind that many of these sites use a ALOT of CPU this one included. Fortunately you can LEND CPU for free on Unfortunately you can only rent 1,5 EOS which is not much.

BigGame is going to add pokerwars as well as gradually supporting gambling with ALL EOS based tokens. This sounds good and is something that more platforms are adding.

BigGame currently has a Mcap of around 150,000EOS or 900,000USD. I think this is a buy.




This is one of the old ones. Whats cool about this one is that they are paying out dividends in many different EOS tokens. Not only do you get LUCKY, you get EOS, Horus, Black etc. You can also gamble with a wide variety of tokens which is cool and something I believe other platforms are going to implement soon as well.

It currently has a mcap of around 144,000EOS or 800,000 USD. I think this is reasonable or a possible buy.

Unfortunately the site did not work right now so I’m not sure how many tokens you get from each bet. I suspect it’s not much and you’re better of buying it on an exchange.




This one has no staking, but it has a native token LUCK. You get 10 LUCK per 1 EOS at risk. On Newdex you get 10 LUCK for 0,0016EOS, and 6150 tokens for 1 EOS currently. No brainer.

But at this point the LUCK token has no utility.

Mcap is around 200,000EOS or 1,2M USD which I think is high currently.




Another interesting one. Right now they offer Jacks or Better which is a pretty cool game. This game is pretty cool and addictive. They will soon offer Blackjack and Baccarat. Looks like a serious project and you can stake their MEV tokens. Payout is however by the end of the “season” whatever that means.

You get 5 MEV tokens per 1 EOS bet in game. On Newdex you currently pay 0,027EOS for 5 MEV. Which makes the mining not that bad, but still much cheaper to just buy the token for staking.

The mcap is currently around 10000EOS or 60,000USD. I quite like this platform and I think this is cheap.



Endless Dice

This one was new to me and I found it by accident. The ET token is only mineable buy playing right now – not on exchange yet. You get 10 ET per 1 EOS gambled. I managed to get 1000 ET and only lose 2 EOS (So I paid 2 EOS for 1000 tokens. These 1000 tokens will give me a daily estimated dividends of 0,3649EOS right now.




I personally find roulette extremely boring. The ROY token is around 150,000EOS in mcap or 1M USD. I think this is high. No staking opportunity.




This one is interesting. Right now there is Blackjack, but hopefully they will add more games. They just added staking functionality with payouts every 24h. Right now estimated payout is 3,4EOS per 100 staked POKER. That is pretty high. Wonder how long that can last, but I definitely did buy some more POKER. EVEN though the mcap is quite high at almost 1M EOS or 6M USD. The volume is almost 28,000EOS per 24h on Newdex which is almost 180K USD. These are quite good numbers. I doubt the price can go much more than 2x short term so this is not a short term buy for a quick 10x. This is more likely to fall in value IMO…but with the high div payouts I’m giving it a chance.


This was a quick recap of some of the gambling sites out there. I’m sure there are more. I personally like EOSbet, Biggame, MyEOSVegas and Endless Dice right now. Gambling on EOS will become huge, so right now it’s all about positioning. A few of these has a pretty good chance of blowing up huge. Imagine earning a few EOS daily in passive income for years 🙂 Not saying it will happen, but it could.

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    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Indeed. That first payout was sick. About 1/3 of my staked tokens. Its substantially lower now, but im pretty happy with all of them. Its exciting to accumulate tokens and most of them have low mcap and potential for divs. Exciting times 🙂

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Hi! Thanks for mentioning that. Mistake by me. I added them at top. Unfortunately I dont know much about them. I just played a little in the beginning then forgot about it. Honest mistake. Fixed now!

  1. James Diegel

    At least 2 or 3 here I did not know about… very informative indeed;)

    Personally I have dabbled in a couple of these but for the most part like Bet Dice the best. There really are so many of these recently it is hard to say when or even if one will come out on top any time soon. It’s like a battle royal at present where anything goes. As you pointed out, some of these really are no brainers, best to buy on the exchange and stake for dividends. Personally, I think the non staking options are doomed as its the staked tokens I tend to consider expendable;(