It turns out that the combination of farming, farming, socializing, crafting, and action can be well summed up in the Stardew Valley! Although it seems like the gameplay stirring potions with a variety of contrary materials, it turns out everything can fit when mixed properly. The result of the herb is a game that is so difficult to leave once you have played it. Even the “outdated” graphical display presentation is not able to shake the fun of playing, at least that’s what we feel until we can forget the time! Gameplay in Stardew Valley does sound very complex. Especially when you imagine so many features are mixed in it. Uniquely, all that turned out to be represented in a simple gameplay and easy to master. All controls can be easily done without many procedures, whether it’s for farming, crafting, or fighting monsters. This game is also not a lot of pleasantries and directly leads you to the game, unlike similar games that can make players bodan and overslept for too long explain the procedure for farming. 



Stardew Valley was also able to provide some new surprises, even after we played them for a long time. Not only once we discover new things that give new elements to explore in the game. For example, when we feel farming and selling crops alone is enough, this game gives new features to use all the crops into something new, like cooking and given to “magical beings” to get a variety of interesting prizes. It’s a small thing like this that can make you can not withdraw from Stardew Valley and it’s hard to push the button out of the game. Gameplay in Stardew Valley gets the highest position compared to other factors in this game. This is evidenced by narrative stories that are not too deep and curious. There is no grand scheme in the life of the main character. He is just a bored person living as a small serpent in a big company machine called Joja Corporation. Companies that make people like machines and work to death have so many hands, one of which is Joja Cola that is made like mocking Coca Cola and Joja Mart shops.


Thanks to the aid of his grandfather’s letters, the life of the main character you control is totally changed. Now, he can use his grandfather’s heritage to start a new life in the countryside. However, the state of the field is far from ideal, as it has been very long neglected. In addition, the threat Joja Corporation also feels up in this small village called Pelican City. The greedy company is trying to take little by little this village to be used as a money field. A sizable event can be found when you arrive on a big day or vacation. On that day, you are given the option of attending an event held by the whole village or not caring and taking care of your own interests. Whatever you choose does not really affect the people’s opinion of you, and the event is useful for getting useful rewards.

The game in this game is so simple and easy to remember. Various actions can be done using a single mouse click, ranging from picking objects to use, to hoeing, hitting enemies with swords, using healers and food items, to talking to other NPCs. As for moving, you only need to use WASD and Shift to run. Even if you are lazy to press the running button every time, which we think is very important because the movement is so slow, the Settings menu can be found option to always make the movement to run! Mouse is used to direct the characters you play. This is very important when you want to interact in one direction only, especially when farming and fighting. Through these methods, you can easily work the fields that are around your character without having to move them with WASD. The direction he can work on is not only perpendicular; You can interact with a diagonal plot of character. This is so helpful when we are watering plants or spreading the seeds.

  The ability to redirect by using the mouse pointer is also very important in the fight. Especially when you are being attacked from some direction by monsters. So you can stay in one place and attack all the enemies around without any hassle. But on tougher enemies, sometimes you need to combine the direction of attack and movement by using WASD. Especially when your enemy is able to jump from a distance. For that you need to move avoid it and direct the pointer to the enemy landed.The essence of the Stardew Valley game is farming and raising. The fields were initially filled with various objects, such as trees, shrubs, twigs, rocks, and grass. However, once you have cleaned up everything, the field is very large! That’s why you can use it for a variety of things, such as planting different kinds of food and establishing several ranch buildings. To get to that point is certainly not easy and just to clear the fields from various “junk” just need a lot of time.

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