Greetings everyone, this is my first post here and I hope you like it a lot.

So let’s start, we are in front of a series that came to break the stereotypes of the well-known series of the 90s. This is what has made the hype bigger and more enjoyable. And if this version of Sabrina is much darker and perhaps very millennial and thanks to that we can say the success that is approaching the series. The youth drama, the existential problems that youth has today, duality, homosexuality among other things, are the spearhead of this dark version of Sabrina.

One thing they’ve known how to take care of is the dark side of the series, which their favorites are: They speak Latin in a very sublime way and it’s something that really engages, apart from the subject of Satanism I love how they take it, apart from naming some Demons that are real and that’s a plus to the series. Other shocking things in the series are the winks made to various movies and artists. For example, in the house of the Spellmans, there are several paintings by the painter Goya, there is a scene where they make a super wink to the Exorcist when they see him they will remember that the scene is extremely iconical. Besides, it reminds you of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series is definitely on the right track.

Kiernan Shirpka’s performance is masterful, the personification is very good, a Sabrina who knows what her limits are and above all that internal fight between being half witch and half human emphasizes it so much that it does not look overacted. Brina’s aunts definitely fit perfection. Maybe what they criticized the most was the fact that Salem doesn’t speak, but in the end, I think it’s good that way, it doesn’t have to be that Salem of the 90’s series that the only thing he did was to give sarcastic comments. However, you can open a door so that in the second season may come to talk.

Apart from that, the space left by Salem is filled by a new member of the family and Sabrina’s cousin is called Ambrose, who will have to pay a lot of attention to it because it will become a fundamental pillar for the series, above all because of the way he leads his personal life. In the end, I think it’s a good series, there are little things that I didn’t like very much, as it is: the fact that the masks or all the make-up of the demons were handmade, that may not shine much. Apart from the special effects, they are half crude and make me lose focus, the rest were the little things I didn’t like. And if you’ve already seen the series, tell me what you thought? I’m waiting for your answers. XOXO 

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