Hi everyone!

Let’s take a look at how to fill out the Telos rewards program submission form and communicate to the Telos team, all our efforts to spread the Telos project on our social media posts, in order to get our TLOS airdrop.


Go to the following link (which you should have received via email if you signed up for the reward program) and read the rules carefully:



HINT 1: we must submit our links only ONCE, multiple submissions will not be taken into consideration then, remember to add ALL your links in the same session


HINT 2: Go to the following link to write down the different category for which you will apply; we will insert them through the “Add Reward Category” button





Enter your:

1 – name

2 – e-mail (used to participate in the reward program)

3 – Telos Pubblic Key (I advise you to use the active PUBBLIC key (NEVER THE PRIVATE one) that you should have already generated via Squirrel Wallet https://telosfoundation.io/downloads (if you have not already done so, take a look at my tutorial, even if it’s quite self-explanatory in Italian: https://youtu.be/WGU6D27yYUI )




Enter your FIRST category links for which you are applying (remember to check the list of categories as mentioned above https://telosfoundation.io/rewards).

In my case I will apply for:

Social Media, Video, Video Tutorial, Article-based Forums ; 4 categories in total

Enter your username (optional); this could help those who will review your link, I suppose

Enter some additional information if you want (optional): I will add the category to be more precise (eg: First category: social media)




Repeat the process by adding NEW category using the “Add Reward Category ” button

Post scriptum: You can also upload some image files via the upload button, but the team discourages doing so; links to posts are more practical and easier to control


After entering all the links for EVERY category you wish to apply, click “SUBMIT” and you’re done; ready to receive the TELOS airdrop!

The submission period will last up to a week after the launch of the mainnet (the launch of the mainnet is still a process in progress and at the moment we are still following the next vote go / no go; stay tuned ont he official Telgram group: https://t.me/HelloTelos )

I hope the tutorial has been useful to you, thanks and see you next time!



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  1. Viperblckz

    grande Ric, nella riga dei link raggruppiamo quelli delle stesse piattaforme? ad esempio posso mettere link facebook e link twitter sulla stessa riga in quanto entrambi social media oppure devo separarli in righe diverse?

  2. Conceptskip

    Hi Ric, great Tips you give here. Do you know, if it is necessary to submit the full name, or can it be an alias, it’d come a bit to KYC….
    And they also ask for a photograph, does this mean, a portrait photo? Would feel even more KYC….