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Market Cap and Rank:

3rd ($21,320,905,998 USD)


$0.542535 USD (3.62%)

Circulating Supply:

39,870,907,279 XRP

Total Supply:

99,991,836,919 XRP

Max Supply:

100,000,000,000 XRP

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On a Personal Note:

Ripple’s price has been surging recently. There’s been wide speculation about a major bank adopting X-Rapid, Coinbase listing XRP and many other theories. One thing seems certain. A major announcement that’ll positively affect the price of XRP is looming…and those in the know want to capitalize on it. Personally, I’m bullish on Ripple. If it is able to capture even 10% of it’s targeted market, XRP could easily reach $20-$30 per coin. On the other hand, banks may end up going a different route…leaving Ripple out to dry. What do you think? Will XRP ever be adopted by major banks? Will it go away like a passing fade?

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks for compiling all this information on Ripple @unitedcryptoyp. Very useful for forming a perspective on XRP going forward. I agree there’s a lot of compressed upside potential here but wouldn’t underestimate the longterm likelihood of the banks sidelining XRP in pursuit of in-house solutions.

    1. UnitedCrypto Post author

      Agreed…Longterm, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see banks create their own coin for transactions. That’s the risk of a longterm XRP investment. Short term, it seems like a turn-key system banks may get on board with.
      The truth is, this is all so new, no one knows how it’ll workout. Ripple may gain traction precisely because it is it’s own separate entity. That could provide a level of trust (depending on how Ripple markets itself) due to perceived separation of power, etc. I think the entire banking system is about to get turned on it’s head over the next decade. What that ends up looking like, I have no idea. That said, putting a little XRP away in the off chance it does succeed doesn’t seem like a terrible idea. 😉

    1. UnitedCrypto Post author

      Thanks for the feedback @dexpartacus. I hear what you’re saying. The point of this post is to compile raw data in one place. I didn’t want to interject opinion…other than my personal note at the bottom. I noticed I was scanning a million web sites a day for this info. I thought having it all compiled in one place would be helpful.

  2. sandwichbill

    Thanks for the info, although I’m a little more bullish on xrp than $2.80 after 5 years. I don’t see how it could stay that low, if it is adopted by a number of banks, who send trillions of dollars around the world every day. The banks won’t stay with Swift. It’s too slow, too expensive and there’s too much slippage.

  3. Ilia

    Few people managed to achieve such implementation in the real economy as XRP. Of course, banks will be looking for a ripple replacement. But this is what to look for a replacement BTC. There are many contenders, but the old man is still in the forefront! I’m sure we’ll see a bullish trend for ripple many more times! I was very interested in this coin before the EOS. And I still believe that XRP has the right to life!