Going to Verona, a beautiful Italian city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, means to immerse yourself in a place rich in history and fascinating stories.

Like the story of Romeo and Juliet and their tragic, but a passionate love story, made famous by the tragedy written between 1594 and 1596 by William Shakespeare.

Their love story has become an icon of the collective imagination and in Verona, it is possible to visit the places linked to the characters of this story.

The protagonists are Romeo and Juliet, young lovers belonging to two rival families of the 1300s, but their love story has a literary origin when in 1531 LUIGI DA PORTO, writes a story that will contain all the elements of the story that will be taken later by William Shakespeare.

Their story has inspired artists of all time. Think that there are more than forty film versions of the story of Romeo and Juliet and at least 14 songs dedicated to the two in love the most famous of which Romeo and Juliet beautiful musical piece of the Dire Straits written in 1980.

In Verona, the house of Juliet, is the destination of many visitors who, in this place, seal their promise of love or simply are curious to know the place where this passionate love story has been set and consummated.

The house where, according to tradition, Giulietta Capuleti lived is an unmissable destination for those who are in Verona. Everyone wants to see the famous balcony from which Giulietta overlooked …

Legend, literature, history and myth are intertwined in this place that has now become a cult.

Every year more than 300,000 people visit, for a fee, the house of Juliet, but there are about a million and a half people who enter for free in the courtyard, a small space of about 400 square meters, where the fast rite of selfies or photos taken with the statue of Juliet.

But that’s not enough, you have to leave a mark of your passage! And then they are attached to the walls of the entrance, to the gates or where it is possible, love padlocks, small sheets with writings, patches, chewing gum … ..

In short, in this space dedicated to perpetual love, it is absolutely mandatory to leave a mark ..

It is not easy to manage this phenomenon but as we say: the heart is not commanded …

The house of Juliet in Verona (Italy).

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