Hello Buddies, welcome to my blog. Today, I will be talking about some pretty nice events that have been happening around the ripple platform since Last week till date. Like you have already known, I’m a big fan to this project, after following it up for some months now, I came to the conclusion that it is my all time favorite in the crypto industry, so I have never stopped following the news around it.

In the early hours of today, an old-time trader in commodities, experienced in all financial markets universally, Peter Brandt, took to his Twitter handle that XRP is in the process of coiling up, sooner or later will explode with its price rising far above where it is sitting on at the moment. This is no ordinary rant from a mere investor, Peter Brandt has been in this trading shit for nearly 40 good years now, so must have studied all the pros and cons attached to all financial market system. His book on Amazon has for long now, been the best selling book ever.

Before talking about XRP, Brandt first started by calling the stellar cryptocurrency “a worthless commodity”. He dropped a sample of his technical analysis on his Twitter handle, which shows that XRP may have hit it’s lowest for the year, concluding that we should be expecting an all-time high anytime soon.

Mid last week, a business firm (Mercury Fx Ltd. sent to its customer, Mustard foods) tested Ripple’s Ripplenet by using it to send medium sized funds to another country and confirmed it to be very reliable, faster and cheaper. On the 17th day of Jan, mercury fx used the Ripplenet platform to send £3,521 from U.K. to Mexico and confirmed that this is what is needed in the future.

Mustard foods commercial director, James Durant in a speech said;

As a food production company supplying 500+ restaurants in the UK & Europe, we pay suppliers around the world to get quality ingredients for our customers. Faster, cheaper payments allow us to fulfill orders quickly and grow our business.

That same last week, so many HSBC and Xoom were confirmed by Deutsche bank as its client, there making it’s global clients increase on a weekly basis.

Seriously, these news are very important to Ripple’s structural development, with time only, we shall all see it’s effect.

Sourced out from this website: https://thexrpdaily.com

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