Samsung and ABN Amro cooperate

Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of Samsung, will partner with the Dutch bank ABN Amro. The two companies are said to be using blockchain technology to track cargo ships from South Korea to the Netherlands.

Samsung and ABN Amro cooperate

Samsung is having a series of partnerships to take its products out of the factory to the Netherlands. According to Samsung SDS, the IT and Technology Division created by Samsung, the technology giant in Korea, this essay will focus on shipping from an anonymous factory in Asia to Rotterdam port. The first Test will be completed by the three companies mentioned above, then with plans to open the network to other companies. According to the official announcement of Rotterdam port, the trial will begin in January 2019 and the results will be announced in February.

As the announcement continues, the infrastructure behind the project was developed by BlockLab, a Dutch company founded by Rotterdam port. These shipments will be made at the port of Rotterdam, Samsung’s Blockchain interface Nexledger and ABN Amro’nun used by the R3 performed by the Corda platform will follow together. According to the CFO of Rotterdam Port, Paul Smits, logistics in transport from China to Rotterdam includes at least 28 parties with existing infrastructure.

“Transporting loads and services should be as easy as ordering an online book.One

Members of the blockchain trial hope that technology can help reduce the time spent on shipments and simplify financial transactions. Smits says::

Transportation, monitoring and financing of loads and services should be as easy as ordering an online book.

Samsung SDS AB/BDT Chairman Sanghun Lee stresses that the research was the first time that different Blockchain platforms worked together, and said::

What is particularly special about the project is that for the first time in the short history of this technology, we have different blockchains working together. This happens through a “notary” in Korea and the Netherlands, a container that connects completely separate blocks.

City of Valencia to launch “smart Harbor” project

Blockchain solutions have been extensively tested and applied to improve international shipping logistics. Earlier this month, Valencia, with one of Spain’s busiest ports, will launch the “smart port” project, which can be applied in other major ports.

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