You can see John McAfee tweet about it these days and its been in my thoughts for a minute. Fractional reserve exchange of cryptocurrency and corrupt exchanges around the globe. Do they really have the Bitcoin? No, they are fractional reserve just like the banks. But there is something better brewing on EOS. The decentralized exchange shall take the crown by ridding the corruption and manipulation from human influence. The trustless system ahead. Now who’s in control? Will the transition from debt based to asset based be a smooth one and are we going to see Satoshis dance the Watusi?

 The proof of stake and unlimited scalability of eos, the final frontier from the wild wild west. We stand on the precipice, the tipping point per say. It sure looks like they are knocking down, one by one. Zimbabwe Venezuela Brazil Turkey Italy next perhaps. The math is inevitable and many are not prepared and are blinded in the legacy system of the globalist federal reserve fiat currency economy. Explain to them that are propagandized and you must chisel through an inch of armor plated confidence in the current system. The more outrageous things get, the more normalcy bias kicks in and they are oblivious and don’t care or are overwhelmed and hide behind faith without being prepared. And that my friends, is a dangerous position at the point of wealth transfer.

  What does eos offer? Security in cryptos that has not been. Governance to strengthen community control to weed out bad actors and provide security for negligence and misfortune. Unlimited scalability is just a whisper. Its the prime platform to conduct a wealth transfer such as say each and every ticker on wall street was to digitize their stock in satoshis of one form or another. Insurance, healthcare, foodservice, transportation, industrial, real estate, social media and gaming to name a few will all benefit from the eos platform. EOS is where wild west meets civil society and the future is born again.

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