I should preface this post with a warning: this is just my opinion, please do your own research, as I’m not responsible for your money. I know that plenty of people online love making predictions and it’s kind of fun to imagine one can read tea leafs like that, but honestly absolutely no one knows what is going to happen in the end.

The little coin that could

Putting silliness aside for a second, I’m not really surprised something this crazy is happening. Maybe you’ve not been paying attention to the BitcoinCash Satoshi’s Vision Chart lately, and I would not blame you. After all the whole fork has been a spectacle of disaster.

That being said, these are people with means, people that don’t mind spending fortunes to “win” a battle of egos. You might already know that the hash war has been costing it’s participants more money that you and I would know what to do with, but are you aware of what they are doing with the coins mined?

Satoshis Lesion

Who would have thunk it? The only “bitcoin” mooning at this very moment. Why? Why would anyone be buying up this token that was obviously born in turmoil and emulated ideology? The answer of course is nothing that would give any of us the warm fuzzies.

In other words, there is an extremely high probability that the market is being manipulated in its favor. This however, should be about all we need to know to already read the tea leafs and predict what is about to happen.

You see, sooner or later they will run out of funds to keep on propping up the price as you see on these charts. Their attempt to take down BitcoinCash ABC, and Bitcoin is a futile attempt to say the least, and it’s bound to arrive at the train station of regret.

My prediction

More people will FOMO in, chase Satoshi’s Lesion and possibly push the price for a few more days, maybe even a week, and then plenty of people will learn a valuable lesson in the most painful of ways, right in the pocket.

The dumping these manipulators are probably doing at this very moment, might dwarf some Mt Goxian moves, and I would not be surprised if some numbers being to show up in some online reports very soon.

I, however, will watch the whole charade unfold safely from the sidelines…

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