I know, I know…. if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is right… Well i had some spare bitcoin and it did seem to good to be true, so curiosity got the better of me….. And then bit me in the rear end!!

I came across a site called Currency Ocean, they were promising moderate returns for depositing Bitcoin and the longer you left it in the the more it will grow.

Of course they entice you with some free Bitcoin at first, which you obviously find out later on cannot be withdrawn until you have met the deposit requirements (First warning sign right there) but i was feeling good at the time and the site really looked quite legit. I ended up depositing 0.051 Bitcoin, around $380 US at the time i think. Well that grew very quickly and before i knew it my balance was over 1 Bitcoin then 2 (warning sign number 2 right?)

Ok well i better try withdraw this make sure this is what it is, whilst i’m looking all around me to check for any hidden cameras yeah!! First of all, the site claims instant Bitcoin withdrawals. The first message i get once i had completed the withdrawal was, Thank you your request is received and will be processed within 20 minutes. I’m like not instant but Bitcoin is slow that’s about as instant as it gets so no worries.

A few hours later i decide to check my wallet only to find nothing there… I open up my email, there is an email from Currency Ocean stating thanks for your withdrawal request we will be processing it manually and it should be in your wallet within 3 days… This surely is not instant but not unheard of in these circumstances so i wait the 3 days. Well, i actually waited 3, then 4, 5, 6 days even and nothing. So i find an email address for support and plead my case, i didn’t even get a response until i had sent several emails over several weeks, this was the reply (and yes by then the account had grown to over 7 BTC, that’s the final sign right there):

Dear Jacob,

We will like to apologize for the inconvenience and our unresponsiveness.

Your previous deposit had been accepted and your withdrawal request was approved, but since our system is decentralised and automated, the fund releasing process is done by our system without any second party. After receiving your emails, we investigated your account in an effort to sort out the problem linked to your withdraw.

While processing your request to withdraw your total balance, which at this moment is 7.26102 BTC, we discovered why your funds are not being released by the system.

Our team noticed a deficit in the system’s balance, which was directly linked to your account. They couldn’t account for your new total balance. According to our calculations, your account somehow was falsely credited with an extra of 0.2 BTC.

This confusion will be resolved following one of these two scenarios:

– If you made another deposit of 0.2 BTC and failed to notify us, please present us with the necessary proof so that we can validate the transaction and correct the system. Then, you will receive your requested withdraw immediately.

– Make the necessary deposit of 0.2 BTC, and the system will release your funds. Once that is done, we will reset your account with the 0.2BTC you just deposited.

So don’t worry this second deposit will be refunded to you after you must have withdrawn all your balance.

Please do not forget to notify us if you choose to make the deposit. Thanks for your understanding.

We await your reply soonest.


Currency Ocean Technical Team

SO!! needless to say i was not in a hurry to give the people i was already suspicious of another $2000, and did they really think i was that stupid, and no company in their right mind would ask the customer to fix a mistake like that. I wrote back politely and advised that i could not even make the deposit even just to fix it as i did not have that much bitcoin spare or lying around, with the hope that they will fix it all up for me and i can be on my merry way (and with 7 BTC it would have been very merry)

What followed was just purely un-professional, false promises of them finding a resolution, only to have the entire board look down on me un-favourably because at one stage i mentioned that i don’t want to be ripped off and that was being accusatory  towards them so they are not interested in helping me any longer. So i’m now writing that $380 off as it clearly is not coming back and i am not putting in another 2k to find the truth in this matter (however i admit tempting at times, especially with that 7 BTC) Oh, this all comes in the same week my EOS account was hacked while i was on vacation for 3 days, and it was bleed dry, over $8000 US value taken from there. So i’m hoping that this at least stops someone from falling for the same trick i did.

This was the last email i received from them today after not hearing anything for over a week, and hence why i’m writing this post:


We really don’t understand why you keep using the word rip-off. No one has ever lost their investment with this company before.

We really don’t know how else to help your case. And by the way, Mr. Naji doesn’t want anything to do with your account.

The only option you are left with is to proceed as earlier indicated. We the support can’t do anything more than that. The only guarantee we have now is that, if you do decide to follow through with standard procedure, you will get all of your bitcoins.

What you decide to do now, is entirely up to you. The choice now is for you to make.

Thanks for your understanding.


Also… If anyone knows where to look in regards to recovering from a hacked EOS account, drop me a line..


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