I got an EOS transaction alert from Telegram(EOS Authority) 3 hours ago. I got to the office and took a look. The transaction looked innocent.

So I went to eos-black dot com site. Since I have MetaCert chrome plugin which tells if you are on a scam site. The plugin did not warn me. So I tried to claim “Bonus” tokens on the site.

So I entered my username. Next this interesting page came up!

It’s a scam site. The URL seemed legit, and also looked same as the original site https://eosblack.io. They had their TLS(SSL) certificate setup. No warning from MetaCert plugin. But eos-black dot com is definitely a SCAM site.

I’m getting too much spam EOS transcations. Betting apps are the most frequent. But there should be a way to users to know about these scam transaction, so users don’t fall for it. I hope there is some work done to prevent spam and scam transactions.

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  1. Rishi

    Thanks for alerting us!
    I was recently added in a Telegram group which was named “EOS GOLD”. The profile image that they used has a watermark of an image hosting website. The pinned message had an URL which lead me to a website which asked for my EOS Pvt Key. I screamed about the scam on the Telegram group and got myself kicked out of the group immediately.
    I just started using trybe and don’t know if posting links of articles that I have published in other posts is encouraged if that is contextual. Yet taking a chance to do that where I tried to explain how to detect and bypass a scammer in Telegram.