Emails are being sent from a scammer claiming to be a part of the Binance Exchange.

They are using the email domain

They send out a non-disclosure agreement and a series of contracts, then ask for a 10 BTC deposit which they say will be refunded in 4 weeks after your token begins trading.

Please be aware Binance does not charge fees for listing tokens. Don’t fall for this one!

The first email they sent EDNA looked like what’s shown below… along with a big Binance Logo and group of attachments.
I’ve reported this to the real Binance people, but phish attacks like this are hard to stop.

From: [email protected]
CC: [email protected],  [email protected]

Dear EDNA team,

Thank you for reaching out to Binance. We have received several incomplete listing applications for EDNA from your community members along with an official application. Listing applications can only be discussed with core team members. Please confirm if this contact has been authorised.

We have been aware of your project for some time and therefore would be delighted to submit EDNA to our application screening process. We have attached a list of questions about your project that will help us with your application.

As you may be aware, we are now donating listing fees to charity, however we have been impressed with your projects progress and ethos, and would be delighted to offer you a free listing.

We have also attached a non disclosure agreement which must be signed and returned before your application can proceed. We urge you to adhere strictly to the terms stipulated in the NDA, and would encourage you to brief your team members accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Binance family!

Kindest regards,


Binance listing team


In the attached application the applicant agrees to the terms of service of Binance as stated on the website;

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