Good evening Trybe Community. Tonight I translate my writing that I once posted on Steemit. If you want to read the original writing in Indonesian please go to my Steemit here. This time I will be absent in various airdrops as it seems. I will not hunt again about things that I am not an expert in. Moreover, I did not have the capital to withdraw most of the coins asking for disbursement fees.

Because it seems like it’s been enough for 2 more months to try the step. Although later I will also discuss new things about the development of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Well, this time I want to discuss a little about the airdrop and scam phenomena. Because of the growing growth and development of airdrop, as well as the number of enthusiasts or hunters, it is necessary to be careful so that we are not trapped in fraudulent sites or scams.

To prevent this I found an on-site through the help of Google. This web will track further information about a site and provide an assessment. the web address is How to use it, you just enter the domain address that you want to check on, check out After that, the branch will come out and various information about the domain.

A website that has a low branch needs to be suspect. Moreover, the airdrop provider website is not known who owns it. In what country did he come from, how long has he been? We must be able to analyze the website into a scam or not.

Then for airdrop hunters or other bounties, you can track it first before following it. Don’t be tempted by a big present. If finally scam and harm us. Especially if you want to take a deposit on these coin airdrops.

Sometimes there are also sites that say they have been around for a long time in the description when we check for just a few months. In addition to checking the information on the airdrop provider site, we also need to know how to withdraw it, if it’s true. Do not let us get stuck in the site without any value at all or even harm us.

Most of the airdrop providers ask us for KYC. We are required to fill in data complete with identities such as ID cards, passports, and others. It’s legal if the site is legal and really serious about developing its coin product. If we scam, we can reveal our privacy information or it can result in more dangerous cybercrime.

Finally, I congratulate myself on playing in the cryptocurrency, which requires caution and caution. Thank you for visiting my Steemit.



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