Just a few moments ago, I was alerted that Scatter team has issued an emergency bugfix for the Scatter desktop app. This is a mandatory patch for all Windows, MAC, and Linux scatter desktop users to address new vulnerability findings. The vulnerability was discovered by a whitehat working with the Greymass team, however the detail of the vulnerability is yet to be released until enough users have updated.

Below are instructions on how to update or patch your existing Scatter desktop app on windows.

Step 1:
Download Scatter patch from official link below and download win-scatter-9.6.1.exe

Step 2:
Locate the file download win-scatter-9.6.1.exe from download folder and double click on it.

Step 3:
Follow the install wizard, make sure to install on the same directory. Default directory is C:\Program Files\scatter
Click Finish and run scatter.

Step 5:
Verify that you are running most current version of scatter desktop.
Click on Settings button



Click on General Scatter settings and it should show version 9.6.1


There a handful of bad players in the crypto space that are talented. Unfortunately they use this talent to hurt others in the community. They find weaknesses or vulnerabilities in websites, databases, VPS servers, and end users. Once a weakness is found, they attack via denial of service or worse stealing private key and coins. I applaud the Scatter team for acting quickly to release an emergency patch. Please do not delay and patch your scatter desktop app ASAP. After all, your EOS private key is hidden in scatter, but a vulnerability could expose it. I would also take the extra precaution and sign up for EOS account notification by going to the site below.
You can get alerted on EOS account changes via telegram. I have telegram installed on my computer and smart phone so I can get alerted anywhere I go, it is highly recommended.


And of course if you see any suspicious activity on your EOS account, head over to EOS911 to report it.


Good luck and Stay Safe!

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  1. Roland

    Still nothing is working.
    Scatter only works of a few sites…. sometimes….
    I’m trying since august and Scatter is nothing but trouble.
    And I hope someone makes a better program that always connect to your id and wallet.
    Missed out on several opportunities, like airdrops and token sales.

    How can someone with 0 skills on pc use EOS? …. Right, they can’t….
    So how will adoption turn out? ….. Right, it won’t….