In the video below we talk about the recent news of the Scatter vulnerability and talk updates on the Telos launch and Worbli 10% bonus.

A Scatter vulnerability has been found and fixed.  All Scatter Desktop users should upgrade to the new Scatter release located at

Today is the Go/ No-Go meeting for Telos.  With not all tasks in the Telos launch checklist completed it is looking like the launch will be pushed back yet again.

Worbli KYC is taking longer then expected for some.  The CEO has made a statement regarding the 10% bonus.

Another issue we are aware of is confusion around the 10% sharedrop bonus. Let us clarify this for everyone. Due to some of the issues with verifications coming through the portal, we will honor the 10% bonus on any account which at least initiated the AML/KYC verification prior to 12/1/2018. However if you do not eventually pass our verification process and create an account on the Worbli Network, you will not be eligible for the bonus at all. The bonus is dependent on the user’s ability to create a verified Worbli network account.
Here is our policy regarding multiple EOS accounts as of our September 7th, 2018 snapshot. Users definitely get the bonus tokens on the first verified account. We can’t be sure at this time that we can allow users to link multiple accounts in the future. So we can’t promise you will receive the bonus on all of your EOS snapshot accounts. However if we are able to offer linked accounts in the future, we will honor the 10% bonus on all of your September 7th, 2018 EOS snapshot token balances. You are eligible for the multiple account bonus if you have at least one account that matches the above criteria (you started the verification before 12/1/2018 and eventually pass the verification process).

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