I have watched movies for a long time, but throughout my history, I’ve never watched a movie that presents 100% impressions only via computer and cellphone screens. Well, this is the reason that invites me to tell a little about SEARCHING (2018) that I’ve watched recently.

SEARCHING created and written by Aneesh Chaganty, and for this film, he entrusted John Cho as the main actor. Cho is a Korean-American mulatto actor, he was famous after starring the Star Trek trilogy. Of course, there’s no need to doubt his acting.

In SEARCHING, Cho plays David Kim, a father from Margot (Michelle La) who is still a teenager. In opening the movie, you will be presented with a full desktop screen. Right, it’s Windows XP with legendary wallpapers that are definitely familiar to us. I myself frowned, I thought there was something wrong with my video player, why suddenly the Windows XP screen appeared, even though I already used Windows 10 on my PC.

Calm down, that means the film has started. And everything that will happen in the film, is displayed through a laptop and smartphone screen. That’s right until the movie runs out there are no other sets. And what made me enjoy this film is, but although it was presented via screen to screen (which might be boring) this movie was packed perfectly.


Full Internet Trail for a Clue

The film revolves around a harmonious family between David Kim, his wife Pam (Sara Sohn) and his daughter, Margot. The exciting story of this film began after Kim’s wife died. Kim finally sent his children to school, the relationship between father and daughter was more often intertwined through video calls and chat. Yes, Kim finally did not know the behavior of his daughter in detail.

Shortly after his daughter disappeared, Kim contacted the police to investigate the cause of the loss of Margot. But it is less reliable, Kim has to search for his daughter’s latest traces through chat and her activities on social media recently. Kim twisted his brain for the password that Margot used to log in, then searched for instructions on various portals.

I am very nostalgic with this movie, I’m back on my adventure since using Windows XP a few years ago. And I am sure, you also will not boring because this has become our daily life in the modern era. Even we are the audience has been invited to be a detective and come play the brain. It’s cool right!

Who is the perpetrator against the loss of Margot? Of course, all the answers we have thought are wrong. Our emotions as spectators have toyed up and down with various clues. Not felt, this thriller story for 1hour 42minutes I watched seriously and without the slightest boredom.


  • Movie Title: SEARCHING
  • Year: 2018
  • Director: Aneesh Chaganty
  • Writers: Aneesh Chaganty, Sev Ohanian
  • Stars: John Cho, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee

Discover exciting and different adventures in watching movies. I suggest you watch this movie. And, let’s share the story, please comment. Relax, I did not give a spoiler to this movie review/synopsis. Regards.

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