What do you see?

It is good enough to have a vision, it is better when you can interpret it to a team that will help deliver that vision, it’s the best when you actualize every detail in your vision at the long run.

There is so much beauty in starting something or being the first to do something that is intended to go global.

Several times, people have asked if there is any idea in the world that had never been implemented or any business that no one has ever thought about. Truth be told, it is possible that there are no new ideas but permit me to say there are new concepts to seemingly old ideas, which brings me to defining innovation as the birth of an unborn idea or the rebirth of an existing idea in a way that recreates a process for better and mind-blowing delivery in terms of products and services.

So that thing you saw is real and possible even if fear in your heart tells you the opposite.

Oh, you don’t want to fail yeah?

Failure seems to be part of the ingredient to success now. Wake up to that reality. Maybe you are all thinking about how you want to convince the world about your bright or not so bright idea.

Wait a minute!

That is a wrong move. The world population is too much, the ears to listen are too much and most importantly, the world is too busy with other things that have proven overtime to be good ideas than sit and listen to your idea still in incubation.

You know what?

Call your best friend and start from there. Well, you call that friend best because he has proven overtime to be one of your fans if not your number one fan.

Now your job is to convince him to see reasons why that idea will work. Grow it from there, you will be shocked at your results.

Have you seen it?

If your question back to me is “seen what?”

I will advice you go to bed and dream again.

Try to get this, the future of this world belong to dreamers and solution providers. Go and dream and bring it to the table. Let’s have another solution we can count on. Steem it someone else’s dream.

Let’s dream and make things happen.

If you can see it, you can be it.

Original piece written by me and can be found here:


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