Forest, inside is decorated with millions of types of trees, some are small, large and super large. but in this modern year, we find very large super trees, let alone in mountain forests, even protected forest extinct.

Huta is the lung of the world, is its function only for the world? the answer is because the earth is one of the places where creatures of Allah SWT live, in which there are supernatural creatures, small, sober, big and super big. but super big as well as the tree before, the more scarce we get.

Humans are the main cause of forest extinction, and also the destruction of the earth, the more humans the more deforestation in the world.

Moreover, many humans are greedy for the legality of their companies cutting timber without thinking about disasters that cause other humans to become victims.

The only thing in their brains is the money, wealth and splendor of the company he founded until he became a ruler in an area he controlled, one of our examples in Aceh-Indonesia.

The people did not want to be outdone, in order to find income for their daily needs by using machetes and baci to the mountains and cutting down all the big trees, if there was something very large it would be cut down, but it was not there anymore, because the company had first cut it down.

An example of a location that I showed to all of my friends, namely in the plain region of Gayo, or around Mount Sala, which now seems to have been cleared of trees and turned into a plantation, this is a sign that the world will end.

To be known to humans, trees are earth nails, if the nails have been removed then the earth will collapse on its own.

The question arises, has @bustami ever cut trees,? the answer was once, I usually cut bamboo trees to make a house fence.

Congratulations on my friend’s activities on the platform.


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