Publishing content in 2018 is much different now than it was just five or ten years ago. I remember the days when AOL and 56k dial-up was ‘hi-tech’, so I’ve been lucky enough to witness the progression of digital publishing since I was a kid. To say that this landscape has changed would be a deep understatement, as a majority of the digital content created was created in just the past two years (see my previous article here).

This rapid change has left many of us scratching our heads as to how we can promote our content online. The amount of self-published content in 2018 is greater than ever before. Think about it. A decade ago an artist, musician, model, or comedian needed an agent, a manager, a publisher, and a variety of talent to achieve success. Fast forward to now, where those same creators can self-publish to their fans and engage with a worldwide audience – on their own.  Finding a publisher is no longer necessary for most creators because social media and websites are easy enough to click and create – it is easy enough for most people to accomplish with little effort. 



The first step is to have a plan. That can be as simple as a bullet list of steps or as intricate as you desire. It will help to have a plan, so let me give you some great resources to help. I’ll list resources for several types of creators below, however, you may amend and apply this to many types of publishable work.  I’d like to help more of my fellow artists share their work AND get paid for it. In order to monetize your work, you’ll need to take the proper steps first.

You’ll Need:

• TAX ID (if applicable in your location)

• Original Media = YOU Own 100% rights to the media/music/tracks that you will share

• Artwork – you can also DIY your artwork and covers (I do!). If not, I recommend finding an artist to help design a few simple graphics for your album art, etc. If you would like to hire someone to create your album art – CONTACT ME!!

• Bank Account, Paypal, or Crypto Wallet – In order to get paid, you must have a way for others to pay you.

• Social Media to help share your links and tracks to your audience. A website is an extra ‘bonus’ but not really necessary for most artists.

It really is simple to do for the average internet user and it might be worth it for more artists to monetize their own music or media. Why not, right?

MUSICIAN / BAND / DJ / PODCAST HOST? There are many great ways to publish your music and also options like ‘pay-2-publish’ which will help the independent musicians tremendously.  Of course, YOU MUST OWN 100% RIGHTS TO THE MEDIA/SONG/TRACK that you upload. If you do not own it – you may not publish it without proper consent from the owner. Here are a few great platforms to really expand your listeners and start selling your tunes or podcasts. Always do your own due diligence and use the resources that you feel best suit your needs. – Publish 3 hours of music or podcasts as a free user with the options to upgrade to +PRO. Interact & engage with users worldwide to expand your audience. There are ways to monetize your tracks, but users must first meet Soundcloud’s criteria (they will contact you once you meet their qualifications). It is still a great platform for sharing your music. Example: Stream 16 of my tracks on Soundcloud • Daddy Daycare 2.0 music – An Ethereum-based music platform that allows both musicians & podcasters to post unlimited tracks to a small, but growing user base. Artists/Podcasters can Earn NOTES (token) on the platform, as well as curators (listeners and fans). Example: Stream Daddy Daycare 2.0 Tracks FREE on Choon is a BETA platform, so there is a waiting list sign-up on their homepage. If you are interested in skipping that waiting list, you may use my link here to sign-up. – One of my favorite & FREE services for musicians and audio creators. It allows artists to monetize their music/tracks and get paid directly! You’ll need a PayPal account in order to start selling your tracks and the Bandcamp website makes it really easy to self-publish. You set your price for each track and you can allow fans to pay the minimum price or as much as they want! Highly recommend this tool for self-publishing artists. Example: Check out Daddy Daycare 2.0 on Bandcamp Utility: DSOUND is a decentralized sound platform that runs on the blockchain. It’s a great new way for artists and podcasters to self-publish their media and earn crypto! It’s easy and all you will need is a Steemit account. Example: Stream Daddy Daycare 2.0 tracks right on

• Aggregators like AWAL (Artist Without A Label) Self Publishers: Having an aggregator service/company is using a middleman, however, a very helpful one. Typically you pay a flat rate and you keep 100% rights to your work, unlike a typical publisher. These services help to ‘aggregate’ your audio to the proper channels like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play and others. Most of these services also handle the payouts of royalties as well. Other self-publishing services and many others are great ways to self-publish audio.

3 Reasons to Sell Your Music

  1. it feels good to do something yourself and get paid)
  2. it feels good to get paid
  3. selling your music can help you get paid

Let’s face it – the only reason we work is for money. The only reason to sell your music is to make money. If you want to survive and be able to eat a little better so you can live a while to create more music – you need to get paid. I’d like to sustain a living from making music, but I realize that can’t happen without getting paid for all the work I put into making music. Musicians should look out for each other, so sharing this information is worth the time to me. I’d like to see more musicians and podcasters earning income for their great media that enhances our lives. Don’t these creators of our sensory world deserve to get paid? I think we do, but I’m a creator and obviously biased in that regard. If you have a question about how to get started selling your music, just ask. I’m always happy to help my fellow creatives.  Oh, and don’t forget…


3 Things to Consider

There are a few things that every self-publisher should know, such as how this DIY method really only works if YOU actually DO it. Otherwise, it won’t work without the most vital component – YOU. It’s important to remember that you are the ‘manager’ of your own destiny and your relentless efforts will not go unnoticed. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to breeze through this list of friendly reminders below.

Metrics are key – MONITOR THEM!  If you are not monitoring your metrics and promoting your work then you will not likely find success banging down your door. Be sure to monitor your metrics to see which tracks are ‘hot’ and which might be a ‘not’. Keep track of who your audience is and what they like and dislike. If you wish to test your promotional ‘weight’ with different promotion methods, monitor your metrics and stats closely to see which methods are most effective. There is no need to continue what doesn’t get you the desired results, so always watch the data!

Presentation is EVERYTHING – PRESENT WELL! It’s all about how you present your material to your audience. If you present it as if you do not care – others might not care about your work either. Try to ‘clean & polish’ your presentation by practicing… A LOT. Hey, it’s more promotion and marketing for you, so this is practice time well spent. Share your knowledge and resources with like-minds and you might just find a friend or better yet – a fan willing to buy your tunes! Put your tracks out on your music platforms of choice and share the links on as many social media platforms as you can stand to frequently use and engage your following on. Don’t just link-dump-n-run because that may not yield any positive results. Always try to use quality as your metric for presentation.

Quality Products Are Easy to Sell – MAKE QUALITY PRODUCTS! Focus on creating quality audio and practice your craft relentlessly. If you aren’t, your competition is. It’s a brutally competitive industry and there’s talent all over the planet waiting to eat your lunch. Be tenacious in your creative endeavors and always try to improve the quality of your product. If you are not comfortable making your own album artwork and online graphics, I recommend hiring talent to help provide the media that best represents your music or podcast. Visual communication is just as important as the music that you wish to sell. If your music is high-quality and loaded with talent but your promotional artwork and album look like a 7-year-old made it with MS Paint – you’re not sending the proper message to your prospective audience. Go beyond the standard and do a little better than the rest.



It’s not that hard, so if you have been making music and would like to monetize your works – DO IT. You will thank yourself later for it. All it takes is a little hustle and since you’re on TRYBE right now enhancing your mind – you’re exactly the type who has what it takes to achieve results.

About the Author

Brandon Holsey ( Daddy Daycare 2.0 ), a full-time father of two, graphic artist, marketing consultant, and self-published musician trying to share the passion for music and self-powered creation with the world. I’ve been creating music since 1996 and love to share my knowledge and experience with my children and the rest of the world. I love to write and create content, as well as music and art. Find my published music online on your favorite streaming and music sites now!

WHEN EARTH? album available now at:

Publishing Your Audio Really Is Simple! 


If you have any questions – feel free to ask below! Thanks for reading and rating my content.


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