This is our September & October operation report.

From Sep 2018, we will post our operation report at the end of every month to report our work progress and the plans for the future.

Thanks for your always support!

Sep Operation Report of Chaince


Oct Operation Report of Chaince

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Chaince Strategic Development Roadmap

At the end of November 2018 Launch API pending order transaction function
The first quarter in 2019 Support the registration and trading of Scatter and mainstream EOS wallets
The second quarter in 2019 Launch the Chaince account experience and achievement system

How Chaince CEO thinks about Chaince exchange

“EOS is still the biggest hope for de-centralization of blockchain”

The bear market does not talk about profitability. It is a platform for building money and perfecting its basic functions. Chaince will make good use of the market downturn (also use the funds of several of our partners) to expand its competitiveness and continue to track the latest needs born in the EOS ecosystem and launch the new business in due course. For the exchange how to spend the winter, I think the team’s belief is the most important. To be specific, it is to see whether we have a firm confidence in the blockchain industry, the EOS system, and the EOS DAPP ecosystem, and there is no doubt about this. On the contrary, the bear market may be the biggest blow to these teams for teams that are rushing into the bull market to make money.

Chaince Development — Chaince Labs

As a non-profit organization focusing on EOS DApps, Chaince Labs aims to provide necessary help to superior DApps team around the world, continuously helping EOS ecology develop.
Chaince Labs supports partners in: Project Listing Audit, Support of EOS Resources, Token Mechanism Consulting Services, Market Promotion Support, Technical Guidance, Resource Docking, etc.

Contact us:

Chaince Labs Cooperation: [email protected]

Token-List cooperation: [email protected]


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Chaince Team

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