Hello Guys!

I have just shared one of my article which made on reddit and lots of people watched it. I think it is very important how can you set up your secure scatter chrome extension because it is a very useful.

You can use it to many-many things, and do not be scared because of video is 49 minutes long. Your scatter would set up within 20-30 minutes with active and owner keys changes and new permissions. My opinion it is not wasted time rather than more important steps which are make your acc more secure.


Check it, do it and use it!


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  1. Yanika

    Hey Atti!

    You did an excellent work with the video. I skimmed through it, was witnessing what I had to go through just a week ago. It looks like a good tool for the newbies.
    I would just suggest to make it as short as possible so it will get easier to the public.

    Good luck!

  2. peter S

    hello Atti,
    I messed up something during my first use of scatter when the mainnet launched.
    I am in a catch 22 with my original account, cannot create a new key pair with my private key generated during claim sale period as it says it already exists on the keychain (scatter keychain?). Is it safe to remove scatter from Chrome and re-install?

  3. Atti Post author

    I am sorry Peter, but I can advice please, join scatter offical telegram and I am sure sole one (he is one of admins) will help you to solve your problem. They provide a great support!

  4. Atti Post author

    If someone read this comment, please consider use chrome extension because of the scatter team advice and support their desktop version in the future! My opinion, please install desktop version and check how can you import your acc from chrome extension into desktop version. If you have any question about it please contact with scatter team on their telegram channel.