Something New ::: Detailed Designing For the Future


  • Complete a vector design with heavy styling that will scale to any size.
  • Make something that looks new but could be real
  • Create a design with complexity to show a robust use of skills working in tandem


  • Draw vector shapes with the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop
  • Tighten up the vector shapes a bit but still leaving it a bit natural so that it looks hand-made
  • Add styling to the vector layers using emboss, gradients, patterns, layer blending, and shadows
  • For fun make a rasterized merge copy on top to create a few lens flares and set opacity
  • Create the background for detailing depth
  • Make alternate version to manipulate saturation and lighting for an authentic look

House Origami   [GitHub Link]

I have included my source file so that anyone can download the .PSD to examine the details of each layer and how they are styled. In the Github repository named: HouseOrigami.b1

Thanks for the look….this is my first time messing around with GitHub and I’m definitely an amateur at this. So, forgive me if this isn’t completed properly. I just wanted to spend a bit of time on figuring out how to challenge myself at what I do daily, and also make it a fun project that I could be proud of. Feel free to give me some feedback if you are inclined to.