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In Islam it teaches that everyone doesn’t talk much. And, if talking only talks about the subject and is fine. Silence seems to be one simple thing, but to realize it is not easy. Calm attitude and practice then speak according to sufficient levels, it is often the key to success from one’s condition to a situation that occurs and takes place around it. And of course speaking that is useful and in its place is pearl.

Some scholars say that in silence there are 7000 goodness, and 7000 goodness is gathered in 7 sentences, in each sentence it contains 1000 goodness.

1. It is worship without having to work hard and try.

2. Is self-decoration without jewelry.

3. Authority without power.

4. Fort without walls (always guarded without the need for a bodyguard)

5. No need to apologize to anyone caused by words.

6. The charitable recording angel becomes a break and is not tired.

7. Closing the evil from the side of ignorance and lack of self.

Silence is a characteristic of knowledgeable people, silently we get the power of great thinking deeply about what is happening around and can concentrate fully on the rationality of an answer.

Silence is an opportunity to judge life. Silence is an opportunity to rest. Silence is a great power with silence we have mastered the people who are before us through view.

Silence can be the most effective solution in the face of the problems of lightly stacked households. When it is tense, silence can give birth to a respectful attitude. Conversely, resistance and debate can give birth to a distant and vengeful attitude. By silence we have destroyed various enemy weapons.

Being silent is a good teacher so we learn to be good listeners. Where many people have lost this trait. Human safety lies in how he keeps his tongue.

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Regards @khairulwalad

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