How far has technology changed the way teenagers experience sexuality? Here is among the various answers of some experts what I found:

Those with teenage children know it well. They and the smartphone are one thing. And since adolescents also discover their sexuality during adolescence, the question is a must: to what extent the internet, social networks and apps also influence the way of living the sex of the youngest?

A sample of Italian teenagers and preteens, aged between 12 and 18, was asked about their relationship with online sexuality, ie through social media, apps and websites. And here are the data emerged from the Survey 2018 DoxaKids and Telefono Azzurro (in order to avoid non-sincere answers, direct demand is not made in these cases).

PORN VIDEOS. 40% know someone who usually watches pornographic videos on the Net. Pornography is readily available, even if it remains a mostly male phenomenon. Almost half of the Italian boys between 12 and 18 years of age claim to know at least one age who uses them. Out of curiosity, for fun, for transgression: these are the main reasons why children believe that porn content is being watched.

SEXTING. 7% know someone who at least once did sexting (sending their videos or sexy photos to friends or boyfriend).

The more or less explicit sexual content then also travels through text messages: it is the so-called “sexting”. And the percentage of Italian teenagers who claim to have received text messages or sex videos was 1 in 4 already a few years ago (Eurispes survey – Telefono azzurro). 90 percent say they never talked to their parents. The reactions of the boys, however, are not scandalized: 60 percent enjoyed or tore a laugh. Only a minority has declared itself annoyed or embarrassed.

MEETING APP. The 15%. know someone who is enrolled in an app or a dating site on the Net. The app for meetings, now, are also addressed to the world of teenagers. How much do they really affect making relationships? These are phenomena that change rapidly. If in the investigation of 4 or 5 years ago it was a minority to use them, the numbers seem to be increasing.

SOCIAL NETWORK. 15% know someone who has continued a relationship with a peer / same age initiated on social networks. And the number of those who claim to have known each other in a “virtual” way (especially on social networks) and then continued the relationship in the real world, is, according to experts, growing.

In short, with technology, today’s Italian teenagers are sexually more active.

the new dynamics of children’s sexuality, it is not at all said that due to technology, the opportunities for physical contact diminish. Or that diminishes the interest in real sex in favor of the virtual one. The very young, in fact, have many more opportunities to meet “face to face” of adults. They go to school, they play sports, they go out at night. And the first approaches with sex and love are born, fortunately, especially so.

I hope technology can step aside as soon as its intermediary “part” is ended in making two individuals known and that physical contact is never lacking because looking in the eyes while having the person in front of them is not like having them on a screen of a pc …

greetings warface

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