SgamePro is a Smartphone application that will contain some free games and others downloadable through their application for Google Store and Apple Store. Playing these games you will “mine” the ECR20 token called SGM, all the games will be free-to-play and you will not pay to download them, they are those kind of games that to earn use internal sale of special items useful for players to get ahead in the game or ask them to watch some advertising, the tokens earned playing will be used in different ways:

– Give away on Challenges of asynchronous multiplayer, in this way you will make a sort of bet with other players who will have some time to accept the challenge, for example they can have 12 hours to participate to the challenge, who will be able to get more points during those 12 hours, at their end, will earn all the money putted in a “pool” by all the players who have participated to the challenge.

– It will be possible to sell them on the Exchange.

– Buy special items on the games or exchange them for digital content such as Netflix or Spotify subscriptions.

– Enter a wallet address and transfer/exchange SGM with any currency.

Nexex, where users will be able to acquire SGM exclusively during 60 days.


The founder is Giampietro Cutrino better known as Gip. Since 2010 has dedicated himself to work on companies marketing. So now he started this new adventure managing to enroll in the company, as a partner, the most famous Youtuber of the world, the Swedish Pewdiepie which has more than 67 million subscribers on its channel, he will also be a testimonial of the company, in the future he will not be the only influencer to participate in this project.

Project which, should also be useful in terms of income to the influencers, since the referral system will be dedicated to them: the more they will be able to sponsor and attract players, who will have to download the application, the higher the number of SGM that will earn in their wallet thanks to the percentages of the referral.

When you download the application, you will be required to register name, surname and mobile phone number, the last one will be useful to send you via SMS a code to activate your subscription.

The company is based in Switzerland, during the ICO reached 6.6 million francs, momentarily a token has the value of 12 cents of Swiss franc, to buy them at this price you must subscribe to the newsletter on the site and follow the instructions that they will be sent to you by e-mail. Now the platform is still in Alpha phase and you can not do almost anything, if not receive some token every day just to repay you have it installed on your device. The Beta version should arrive from december, which will allow the first games to be downloaded, the definitive one should arrive in April/May 2019 and should implement the possibility for the players to do the live streaming of their own matches. The games to which you can play directly on the application should be three, while those downloaded through it must be twenty.


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  1. Hot3dx

    Wow! Sounds Great!
    I am in the midst of restoring my 3d drawing tools: hot3dx sculptor, rotodraw3d, maker3d, autodraw3d.

    Wish me luck and maybe we will have some fine DirectX 3d tools. And good luck to you!