Today I thought about describing this wonderful chapter in the Tomb Rider saga! The more you play, the more you drag yourself into the story accompanied by its beautiful detailed graphics and the mixed gameplay between action and puzzles! but now we begin in the true description is proper:


the Trinity is looking for a precious artifact capable (according to beliefs) to give divine powers to the one who comes in possession, while at their heels there is a girl, a Lara Croft (I challenge anyone not to associate a clear image to this name) which is driven by the goal of preventing this from happening. Precisely because of the broken headphone manages to anticipate the antagonists and recover the dagger, however, unleashing the wrath of the Maya that manifests itself in a series of calamities, including tsunami and violent storms, which cause the death of many innocent people.

At this point our protagonist, moved by a heavy sense of guilt, will have to venture into Peru, to hunt (to change) the Trinity, in order to recover once again the dangerous artifact.

The graphics

From the first approach to the game the magnificence of the settings is evident, recreated in a very beautiful way starting from the jungle to move to the various inhabited areas that turn out to be real goodies for the joy of your pupils. The graphic engine does an excellent job in recreating the folklore of the villages rather than recreating truly remarkable particle and luminous effects, without forgetting the splendid polygonal model of our successful protagonist, moved by animations capable of convincing. And during the explorations the camera will prove to be an accomplice not only in suggesting the direction to be taken, but from time to time will also face the beauty of the creations of the development team, just to crown the splendid work completed. And it would really be a pity if it were not so.

The Gameplay

The evolution of what has already been appreciated and savored in the two previous chapters, that is a skilful mix of exploration, resolution of enigmas and combat.

The exploration phase covers most of the time and proves to be linear, with a rather automated interaction with the platforms: instead of the millimeter precision that the series had forced us at the time of PsOne and Ps2, in this case it will be sufficient to direct the young Lara towards the wall to climb and press the button suggested overlay to make them complete the task with ease. You can therefore forget about the frustrating chain repetitions of that particular passage, to leave space for some Quick Time Events, which will give you a second chance from time to time, avoiding you to fall into space because of a few centimeters.

Also during the patrolling phase you will be able to gather resources (such as shrubs and roots) useful for accumulating medicines, rather than other elements that will prove indispensable for putting together poisoned arrows, Molotov cocktails and so on.

You can finally come across the tombs and crypts, the real soul of this game: inside them you will find interesting puzzles, able to give you a hard time giving you also satisfactions.


The phases of combat instead play a role as a supporting actor because the enemies are often fully armed and endowed with a rather aggressive AI, factors that strongly encourage the player to prefer a less “Garibaldian” and more reasoned approach, thus favoring the movements in the shadows and kills away from prying eyes. For example, promoting the stealth approach will be the possibility of camouflaging with the mud to become less visible in the jungle meanderings, not to mention the alternative costumes that you can earn, which in addition to changing the appearance of our protagonist, also give you bonuses details such as greater silence, greater resistance to damage from body to body, rather than better camouflage.

In conclusion I can say that Shadow of the Tomb Raider worthily concludes a trilogy that will remain impressed in the history of videogame, strong of a good narrative, an excellent level design assisted by a brilliant technical sector, without forgetting a gameplay able to engage and convince! Now I continue to enjoy this wonderful chapter hoping to end it and judge it with top marks!

if you have the opportunity to try it because it deserves a lot!

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