Dear reader,

I am back for a while from my little busy time. For light post, I’ve scheduled it once a week for sharing about my fav song. I was inspired by hashtag #sadsunday by @flipstar on Steemit, and I’ve join every Sunday.

Share your favorite song is a light post just for fun, blowing and refreshing your mind from busyness or problems that are being faced. Whatever your music genres…. Music is a universal language that can be accepted by anyone from anywhere in the world, sometimes someone can dissolve in listening to music without having to understand what a song tells a story. I like to hear lots of songs from many languages, songs with deep rhythms with meaningful verses. Remember someone, miss family, songs about humanity, songs about love, songs about relationships with God, etc. There are many things that can be used as lessons as well as advice, of course, from poems dangling in a beautiful rhythm. It was also exciting to make your favorite song to be a post on trybe, sharing with many people of course and sharing experiences about the contents of a song.

Well, I started with this song “I can’t make you love me”. This is an old song (I prefer old songs than current songs, but it doesn’t rule out this possibility) written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin. First sung by American singer Bonnie Raitt on the 11th album Luck of the Draw (1991), and became one of the most successful singles, reaching the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts and ranking in the top 10 at Adult Contemporary at that time.

This song has been repackaged by several artists from George Michael, Boys II Men, Adele, etc. And what I like most is the version of Shane Fillan. Shane is one of my favorite singers, while singing her voice is bewitching and uplifting. Shane Fillan has always managed to repackaged old songs both on his solo debut and in his legendary group Westlife. And Shane managed to bring this song very well, transferring the energy from this song to each of his listeners.


I can’t make you love me, tell about someone who has feelings for someone who’s  likes but doesn’t get the same reply. We cannot impose the same feelings on people we like. I am sure that anyone will experience it. Including me 😂. In this song, it is told that however, when our feelings towards someone are unrequited, they still have to struggle to get out of that part. Continuing the days back.

have you ever been?

I noticed one important thing, that when we love someone and not get the same reply does not mean we are not special (still believe that we have done our best), Don’t think too much that can be weak on yourself, but just simple think it’s like someone loves us and we don’t have the same feelings for him “. Life must go on and never flat. Every story that we experience must be a lesson in the future.

Let’s drink your tea again and enjoy your life

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