Since I was a child, I wanted to have a close encounter with one of the most dangerous marine predators on earth … I have always been attracted to this species because despite the researchers or marine biologists always say that the shark does not attack the man and if it happens is rarely, more and more news is heard of people who are unfortunately attacked by sharks …

True love towards the shark was born when I was 13 years old where I went to visit my brother who was a lifeguard in a beautiful and charming seaside town in Italy: Senigallia! City full of history very interesting from a cultural point of view where you can visit many historical artifacts admire its beautiful Rocca Roveresca or the Palazzo Ducale and in the evening maybe take a long walk along the promenade full of locals and lots of people ..

After visiting the town of my brother asked me if I wanted to go out on a boat with his colleague and fish .. without thinking too much I said yes because fishing from the beach is different to fish off … so the next day we set sail in boat and we move away from the coast of about 8 Km! The fishing starts to be very rich … in an hour of time there were already 5 fish of about 1m of length but I had only taken a small tuna .. that my brother told his friend to take a break; a fresh beer, I settled for a coca-cola 🙂 The scene I remember as if it was now my brother jokingly said: from now with this beer I will take a shark .. I laughed because years ago it was really difficult to find sharks in the Adriatic sea, you had to be lucky! After a bit of waiting and talk, my brother began to complain with the fishing rod shouting: this is really great, pull, pull hard! 30 minutes of effort and my brother incredibly took a shark of about 2m, I could not believe it was a fox shark (es photo)


It was time for lunch and hunger was beginning to be felt, we decided to attack the shark to the boat and tow it … While my brother’s friend starts to light the boat that was also beautiful big, in the water I saw a black fin much bigger than the shark fished, so I shouted: ohhhhh another shark! I could not believe it was huge!

It was said that in that sea there was a white shark of 5 meters, called Willy and in fact it was him … started to turn around the boat we were very agitated because in the movies a big shark does not make it like a meter away from you !

I started to ask to leave but they did not, they started filming the shark that had approached thanks to the blood of the shark caught shortly before when suddenly it moves away as if it wanted to take a run, we see it vanish in the bottom but after a minute I find myself face to face with his head and a huge mouth and really sharp teeth that went down in the belly of the shark caught were moments of terror but at the same time was one of those moments that in life you will never forget … broke the shark in 2 and disappeared in the backdrop … the video went to the national news calling the service: shark eats shark!

Tomorrow I promise to post the video that my father has put aside at the time of the shark’s attack!

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