I remember coming home to a quiet house on a cold day

Saw my Mum fixing me a hot plate

She sorta knew I lie when I say I’m okay

Without waiting for my word she locked me in her embrace

I swear I never felt that safe

For a boy with so much insecurities

that was one of the best ways to calm me.

She said “I love you don’t you dare think otherwise

Hold your head high

I raised you right

Don’t say that you’re worthless

You’ve always been worth it

My poor boy you must’ve been so scared

This world was always too selfish to care

Cry your tears I’ll keep it a secret

Let go of your fears

If they judge you then so be it

Every one is flawed but to me you are perfect. Why? I’m your mother silly All I want to see is your smile.”

I try not to tell my friends what I feel

I’m not sure which one of them is real

So I mask myself and put on a facade

Then I get angry and act dumb like scream at God

But I know I was young

Stupid enough to pop that pills and to wish I’m gone

I woke up to a room

she held my hand and told me

She was trembling

but nothing kept her from talking.

“Son, every one has pain inside of them don’t you run

Mama’s here the fight’s not done

It’s cold but know you’re never alone

I love you no matter what

If you’re missing it then let me look for your soul

If it’s empty then let me fill that void

Pain isn’t something we should avoid.”

Mama, I love you

No one’s ever said words this true

I’ll be fine on my own

So mama you can rest your soul

I’ll tell my kids your story

I’ll tell them I love them like how you did to me

Lock them in my embrace

and just say

“Child, Every one’s got to go through pain

In order to grow you should be drenched in rain

I love you and Dad’s gonna be here

Don’t be scared to show your tears

I love you no matter what

Don’t try to be someone you’re not

I love you no matter what.”

My Mama loved me no matter what.

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