Tonight I sat drinking coffee with a few people in one of the famous coffee shops in my city. I listen to many stories from people who first knew cyberspace. The results of the story can I conclude that life depends on where we see it. If we look from an economic standpoint, the biggest opportunity is to make the best use of time. I will exemplify one thing, in my city many people like coffee so many people make it a business opportunity. The coffee business is quite profitable for some people who dare to take risks. Currently they have become entrepreneurs with more income than being an employee.

Well before I continue the story, introduce my nickname Muraz. I am a hobby of writing and especially I like poetry. I am just an ordinary young man born from a simple family. I live in Aceh which is one of the provinces in Indonesia. Just a little introduction to me, then I want to tell you about my big dreams. I really want to be a writer. I have already published a book called Mind 91 and now I have sent another text about a collection of poems to publishers in the city of Surabaya. Besides that I am also preparing a very interesting story script. It’s just that I’m constrained by printing costs. I really hope there are people who will help me by funding the printing costs. I want my book to be displayed in bookstores throughout Indonesia. I want to have income from writing. Until now I am still writing hard even though there are no tangible results but I am sure my hope of becoming a famous writer will become a reality. Before that came true I would continue to write such as poetry, short stories and novels. The book collection of poems that I have sent to the publisher entitled Mute Artists. I am sure my writing is not just a word of garbage but a very interesting story to read while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Author: Muraz Riksi

Note: Sorry if the English is not good because I use Google Translete

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