The EOS London Hackathon was a huge success with 468 people from 44 different countries attending the event. The challenge to the participating teams was: “to create an application on the #EOSIO platform that improves the relationship between technology and a user’s privacy or security“.

First prize ($100k) was awarded to EOS Shield. They developed a whitelisting tool that only permits specific EOS transactions: “EOS Shield allows both accounts and contracts on EOS to choose who they interact with by building a whitelist. This project has the potential to disrupt identity verification online using the EOS Blockchain.” The tool will enable you to interact with a smart contract with the knowledge that it is safe and can be trusted. Please see the short video of the winning pitch below. (1)

Second prize ($25k) was awarded to Chestnut, another tool that provides a whitelisting service. Their focus was on protecting EOS accounts and set limits.

Third prize ($10k) was awarded to OnTheBlock. They developed a tool for storing identities and passport information on the EOS blockchain. Although some blockchains, such as Ontology, has this type of feature, it is not a built-in feature of EOS currently. (2)

Six new applications have also been announced at the event. Some of the applications are brand new and some we know from previous press releases or hackathons. Rob Finch (Cypherglass) and Zack Gall (ICO Alert) did a great job covering these projects in a resent video. (3) Below is a short summary of each of these projects.

Zimbra X

Zimbra X is an email service for businesses. Zimbra X is: “an open source communications platform built on EOSIO, provides a business-class collaboration and productivity suite, with account provisioning, ownership, and payment tracked via a smart contract on EOS”. By signing up for the beta you will receive an email account linked to your EOS account ID. (4)


Eva is “Uber” on blockchain. The Eva dApp is matching drivers and riders without having to pay fees for a middle man. This means cheaper fees for the riders and higher income for the drivers. This dApp has the potential to disrupt the Uber business model. (5)


Bitjoy is tokenizing game playing between live game streamers and viewers. The Bitjoy gaming platform allows you to interact with other gamers and viewers while a game is in progress. As per their website: “Bitjoy enhances interaction by creating economic incentives within the game experience and backing them with real-world, tokenized value”. (7)


Emenate is a self-governing music ecosystem that will enable musicians to manage the distribution and royalties of the music they create. They are in in partnership with Vampr connecting 400,000 artists and music industry professionals. Emenate will create a collaborative platform bringing creative people in the music industry together and ensure all is fairly rewarded for their contribution.

ID Pass

ID Pass team was the winners of the EOS Hackathon held in Hong Kong in June 2018. Over one billion people in the world do not have any form of identification documents. Many of these people live in unstable or inaccessible areas. For their own safety and security: “they need a form of identification that is under their control and retrievable when needed, while reducing the risk of their identity being used against them”. ID Pass vision is to: ”provide an open source platform that delivers a trusted Self-Sovereign Identity to the most vulnerable populations”. They will provide verifiable identity by using blockchain, smart cards, and biometrics. (8)


EOSFinex is a high-performance, decentralized exchange built on EOSIO. EOSFinex is being developed by BitFinex and the beta version was demonstrated at the London Hackathon. The official beta launch is scheduled for November 2018. (9)  Brendan Blumer (CEO personally tweeted his congratulations to EOSFinex after their demonstration at the London Hackathon. (10)



These are six very exciting applications the will be developed on EOSIO and I personally can’t wait to see these application being launched as part of the EOS ecosystem.












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