Trying to launch an ICO, but need  to be KYC compliant? You should consider Worbli.

One of the great pains in crypto investments is the amount of KYC’s an investor has to make.  Almost every new exchange or ICO requires you to pass one. In January I was trying to invest in Experty and they had chosen Bitcoin Suisse as their KYC  handler. I applied for KYC two weeks before the ICO deadline. My application was approved, but only  2 months after the ICO deadline had passed. I missed the investment opportunity. Most KYC’s are not so painful, but every time I have to go though one I spend at least 15 minutes  of my time and more often than not have to redo some of the steps (reasons being usually – picture not clear enough or non-common letter in my family name).

It’s even more painful for  developers, having to find someone to handle the KYC process or hiring people to do it. Spending a lot of resources and leaving them with having to guard the personal data collected for years. What if you could skip all that? Launch your ICO on Worbli where  investors have already passed KYC and the data is already securely held by the blockchain. Even if your dapp cannot be run on  EOSIO software, you could use Worbli as the launching pad and later do a token swap  to another platform or your own blockchain.

Let’s make Worbli’s KYC the last one we ever need for crypto investments!

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