An open letter to Jeff Bezos and Elon Muska.

In an open letter to the American visionaries Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the Belarusian engineer Anatoly Junicki proposed an alternative way of transferring the cargo into orbit around the Earth. To this end, he proposes using the Planetary Vehicle (OTS), an astroengineering structure along the equator of the planet.

According to the calculations of the author, such a system can now be built. With the help of OTS, it is possible to drastically improve the ecology of the planet, because it will be possible to transfer the harmful industry into space.

The point is that the Earth is a closed bubble. Everything we do stays in place only in a changed form. The entire industry that we have is causing the atmosphere on earth to be higher and oxygen less and less. If we do not change it sooner or later, or rather, we will sooner smooth ourselves. The most reasonable solution is to move heavy industry into space, which is proposed by Anatoly Junicki who has finished projects on how to do it.

Discussion on the Riddle portal science and technology

«A miracle technician with Sergey Moloziomowy» – to a weekly program of popular science television broadcast on NTV.

This program presents innovations in the field of science and technology. This time, a movie about Unimobil was broadcast, which is designed for people who do not fill mobile so that they become more undependable and could reach where they want without help.

Video at the link.

Report on the prospects for the implementation of SkyWay has been broadcast on Al Arabiya


Comparison of string transport to other existing transports that exist in terms of construction, operation, safety and transport costs of goods or people in a fast and secure way.

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I greet everyone.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.








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